God’s Example

Flowers, they have to be one of God’s greatest examples (outside of grandchildren) of His love for us.  You may be sitting there saying, “REALLY!”,  but think about all the different types, colors and fragrances. I get so much pleasure and relaxation just by walking through my flower bed, even if it’s just for a few minutes.  As much pleasure as I get out of my flowers and my grandchildren, Christ has given me even that much more pleasure……..

HE is God’s Greatest Example

Ephesians 5:1-2

Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

I wake each morning with no options but to love.  Now you may say, “Wait a minute, we always have options!”, but we don’t if we’re truly wanting to live a life following God’s example.  Just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us.  I say, “what other option do I have?”.  And why would I even question it?  God and Christ has given so much, I could never out give, so the time I have here, I pray that I’m being the best me I can be for Him.

So I encourage you, look to God’s greatest example Christ as a way to live your life.  Ask yourself, “Am I being the best me I can be for Him?”.

Lord, I thank You for giving your best for me.  I thank You for always being beside me and never giving up on me.  I thank you for walking next to me and walking in front of me.  I ask You to continue to help me be brave.  Amen!

A Little of Both

Proverbs 20:5

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters,  but one who has insight draws them out.

Being honest!  If you sat down with me for just a little while, you would find out that “open” about “me” is who I am.  But I haven’t always been that way.  And if you sat down with me for a just a little while, you would also find out that I would be intent on drawing out of you those things that you have deep down in the waters of your heart.

We all have those things!  Those things that we have hidden!  Those things that we’re not quiet sure of.  But boy, let me tell you, the heart beats much smoother by being open.  I have people in my life, ladies who have insight and are able to draw those things out of me and help me.  But still at times, I’m a little of both.  Still a struggle. But God knows that about me.  He understands!  But because God loves me so much, the love pours out onto others, so come, sit and let’s open our hearts to each others.

Lord, I’m grateful! Thank You for putting people in my life that have taken the time to be with me.  Help me to know when to talk and know when to just listen.  Show me who I need to be with next. Amen!


Bridging the Gap

Well part of our trip included 4 trips over the Ohio River.  Which means 4 bridges at various locations.  I am a water lover!   Water of any kind.  So my husband makes sure that if we can ride next to water, we do!   Those bridges bring 2 land masses together relatively easy by simply crossing over the bridge.   But without those bridges the process of getting from one side to the other is very difficult, particularly if we don’t have the right tools.  The same goes with generations of people.  Without the right tools, time and enough effort, the gap will never be bridged.

Psalms 71:18

says, “Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.” Likewise,DSCN7821

Psalms 145:4

declares, “One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.”

On our trip we were blessed with a dinner and also breakfast the next morning shared with friends from our past in North Carolina, who now live in Indiana.  We haven’t seen them in at least 4 years and it was so good to get several nice hugs and sweet smiles from 2 people that I know love us dearly.  And yes, they are from another generation.  A generation that reached out to us.  Who bridged that gap and took the time to share the tools they had so that we too would have the tools needed to live this life depending on God.   I’m so grateful to God for putting them in our path and placing them close enough to us so that we’re able to stay in touch. And they continue to share their tools with us.  Because it seems that regardless of how old you get, the tools needed seem to change.

So as they have given me the tools and shown me how to share what I have learned, I see how I need to carry that on to the next generation.  Top on that list would be my children and grand children but also would include friends and others.  I make it my mission to love people well.  That takes time.  Some times, pain staking time.  Showing them who God is and sharing with them the tools they need to live a life with Him.  So I encourage you, “Bridge the Generation Gap”! Share God with those of the next generation.  Give them the tools they will need to live this life in Him.  Understanding what it is to have faith in the hard times and the good.  Sharing their faith with others.  Bridging the gap, so the generations to come will never be without the tools needed to survive.

Lord, Thank you for giving me people who love me well.  Thank You for loving me well. Help me Lord continue to bridge the generation gap and share with others the tools needed to find You. Amen!

My View

This is what my husband and I did this past weekend!  And this was my view!   Yes it was lovely and Yes, it was hot!  But I simply love being on that seat behind the man I love, smelling the smells of nature and enjoying the sights of God’s creation.  This was my view for the whole weekend! I love it because this is a time when my mind can be cleared of clutter and my eyes can soak in the beauty of God.  And can only be focused on Him!

Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.

John 7:17

 If any of you really determines to do God’s will, then you will certainly know whether my teaching is from God or is merely my own.

Then I have to return home.  To real life!  To reality!  To other people!  That’s when keeping my view inline with God’s view gets hardest.   All the information gets all jumbled up inside my head and  my view gets distorted.  Are the thoughts that are running around my brain, my thoughts or are they God’s?  Are they my ways or are they God’s?  There is really only 1 view that I truly care about and that is God’s view.  God’s will for life.  And He gives me a book, a guide line to go by to help me choose my view.  And when I need to get refocused, I may need to stop, take a weekend on the back seat, just praying, seeking His will, His view!

So I say to you, are you following your view or His?  Or if your following your view, is it inline with His?  If not!  What can you do to stop?  To refocus? He is calling you today!

Lord, it’s Your view, Your will I want! Please help me keep my eye on that! Amen!

Heeding to the Calling

Jonah 1:3

But Jonah got up and went in the opposite direction to get away from the Lord. He went down to the port of Joppa, where he found a ship leaving for Tarshish. He bought a ticket and went on board, hoping to escape from the Lord by sailing to Tarshish.

I love watching my humming birds.  They buzz around like speed demons, chasing each other.  I probably know whats going on about now during this season of the year but they are so fun to watch.  They fight over the feeders and over each other.  One is not going to heed to the other for nothing.  Their chirping is so cute!  I would love to know what they are saying to each other.  It might just be “Come hereith!”.  But the other one, says “No way!”.

In the book of Jonah that is exactly what Jonah says to the Lord, when he was told to go to Nineveh but Jonah decided to run and head to Tarshish.  He gets the crew of the boat in all kinds of trouble out in the sea and finally gets thrown over board and swallowed up by a whale.  All because he wouldn’t heed to the calling of the Lord.

Proverbs 1:24

“I called you so often, but you wouldn’t come.  I reached out to you, but you paid no attention.

How often has God called out to me, told me to go a certain direction, tried to guide my foot steps, all but grabbed my hand and tugged me but I just wouldn’t heed to His calling. Why do I do that?  Life would be so much easier for me if I would.  The sailing would be much smoother.  The waters much less violent.   So I’m going to stop fighting it!  I’m giving in! I’m bowing down! I’m laying it on the line for Him!   I’m paying attention to you now Lord!

Lord, I want to hear You calling me! Amen!


Psalm 33:22

May your unfailing love be with us, Lord, even as we put our hope in you.

The Lord’s love is unfailing.  We don’t have to wonder if He’s with us “HE is”, we don’t have to worry that He won’t take care of our needs “HE will”, we don’t have to look elsewhere for love “HE gives it freely”, we don’t have to seek our own protection “HE covers us” and we don’t question our paths “He leads us”.  The perfect love of our Father is always perfect.  That doesn’t mean that our lives will be heartache free but it does mean that He will heal us.  We find our hope for the next year, next month, next day, next hour and next minute through Him.  As long as we’re seeking Him, we’re good!   Pray this prayer over your family and friends as you put your hope in Him.

Dear Father, I trust You with my life.  I pray that I will not loose sight of Your goodness.  I pray that I will taste Your sweet Grace and feel Your strong hands guide me through my day. I ask You to provide the same for my family and friends Lord.  That they will partake in You.  Amen!

Devises Ways

2 Samuel 14:14

All of us must die eventually. Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. But God does not just sweep life away; instead, he devises ways to bring us back when we have been separated from him.

This is our first year to have honey bees and really our first year to have black berries.  The plants are 2nd year plants but they produce on 2nd year growth.  And boy are they producing.  And boy are our honey bees loving them!  In fact I believe that the plants are doing better because we  have the bees on the property.  It’s truly amazing.  Those little bees work their hearts out, LITERALLY! They work themselves to death.  They have a very short life span and they rotate jobs and work, work and work just to please their Queen. It’s simply amazing how God orchestrated every fine detail of every creature.  Even us humans!

Now us humans!  We don’t follow direction so easily.  We don’t know our duties, our tasks and follow the marching order until the job is done simply to please our God!  Although we should! So God is constantly working in our lives, usually in the back ground orchestrating things, devising ways to bring us back to him when we have separated our selves from him.  So unlike the Queen bee that sits back and buzzes out orders, God is working, working out the fine details of our lives. Devising ways to bring us back to him. Because eventually, eventually we all must die and when we do, He wants us next to Him for eternity.

Lord, thank you!  Thank You for caring enough to devise ways to bring us back to you.  And how many millions of ways have you must have devised.  I am so grateful!  Please help me Lord stay on path.  Help me Lord seek out Your word, acknowledging my weaknesses, changing my ways, growing in wisdom and ever looking to know more.  Help me, teach me, change me!  Please be with my family and friends Lord. It’s so hard to recognize and be willing to change the areas in our lives that are not mirroring Your image.  I pray that You are able to help them with that.  It’s hard Lord but so worth the peace that comes within knowing that the Holy Spirit is leading. Amen!

Spread Your Wings

Revelation 12:14 

But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle so that she might fly from the serpent into the wilderness, to the place where she is to be nourished for a time, and times, and half a time.

If you were to come to my home you would see immediately that I love the out doors. I have bird feeders in multiple places, flower beds in several locations, 3 humming bird feeders, my husband just got our first honey bee hive and we have 5 bird nesting boxes.  We always have at least 1 set of blue birds nest each year.  Our first for the year is pictured with this post.  Our grand daughter loves to visit the boxes and watch the babies as they go from eggs to hatchlings to fledglings. It’s just a sweet process.  Except for the fact that she always goes through the “Oh, I’m going to miss them sooooo much” whine.  But it’s still sweet.

As I look at the babies in the box it makes me think about life.  How scary it really is out here!  The woman in Revelations was taunted, persecuted and was meet with opposition many times, driven into the wilderness but every time God was prepared, had prepared  a place for her, within her where she would have strength to soar, fight and have victory. Just as the birds, our life can be and is scary, we find our self fighting the opposition, being tossed into the wilderness, seemingly alone but NEVER  are we alone.   God has always prepared for us a way.  He has given us wings like eagles to spread and draw strength from Him, to learn from Him, draw Wisdom from Him, apply it to our lives.    So the next time we find ourselves in the wilderness we should spread our wings even that much wider and pull from the Wisdom of the Knowledge of God.

Lord, Thank  you for providing me with wings to soar. Thank you for giving me the strength needed and the love within to share.  Thank you for loving me unconditionally, perfectly, with no bounds and showing me example after example after example of how to do life. Please Lord continue to be with me daily.  Remind me, nudge me when I need to look within and change. Put in front of me the things I need to learn. Help me draw knowledge from You and keep that knowledge close to my heart so that I will draw from it continually. I love You Lord and I want nothing more than to have those that I love to know You the way that I do.  Please help me reach them.  For those that I can not reach and for those that will not listen, Lord touch their lives.  Amen!


Never Too Late

Regardless how old, how many times, how horrific or how humanly unforgivable! It’s never too late for the old life to be gone and a new life to begin.  Ask Christ into your life and take the 1st step.

Thank You Lord for accepting  me Lord as I am and just where I am!  Amen!