America’s Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol, and America Ninja Warriors are just to name a few of the TV shows that highlight talent that people have. I sit back and watch these shows and wonder………. “why was I not gifted with these talents?”. Athletics was never my thing, in fact I joined band in 5th grade mainly because you didn’t have to do PE if you were in band. Now, understand, I stayed in band until I graduated, so I loved it despite my initial reasoning. As for singing, I joke with my kids as I sing along with whoever is on stage at the time and say, “I’m going to try out!” and my kids give me that “you got to be kidding” look. I wouldn’t make it through the initial phase.

But talent isn’t all about voice or athletics. So much more! God has gifted each of us in various ways. So Yes, I have talents, gifts!

In Matthew 25, the bible talks of talents of the biblical times, the Ten Virgins, Bags of Gold and the Sheep and the Goats. These stories/parables are about how we use what God has given us. Are we prepared, planning ahead, using the talents when needed? Are we thrifty, careful but capable in using our talents so to use them wisely to create more abundance? And do are we generous with our talents, giving them to others in need, while still taking care of our own needs?

From the teachings of these stories/parables, I’m to understand that with whatever talents/gifts, whether it be financial or otherwise, I’m to use them, not hoard them for a later date. I’m to share my gifts through relationships and help build others up so they too will be willing to use their gifts. So, I pray each day that HE will show me how he wants me to use what he has given me for his glory. Showing others how magnificent HE is!

So I ask you………… “How are you using your gifts?”

If you are unsure what your gifting is or how to go about using them, please comment on this post or go to my home page and contact me. I would love to walk through this journey with you.

4 thoughts on “Talent

  1. There’s a bright and shining spark
    within each valued soul
    that can bring light unto the dark
    and a shattered world make whole.
    There’s a sure ability hidden
    in the God-made heart
    to arise, when trained and bidden
    to play its shining golden part
    in the great and holy tapestry
    woven by the Lord’s pure thought,
    its design to us a mystery
    until through grace of death we’re brought
    by the Saviour’s strong right hand
    to the place where we may understand.


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