My story is a long and sorted mess. As I’m sure that yours is also. We all have a different story. One that is specific to us and one that is specifically chosen to help someone else through theirs.

Regardless of our story, we are meant to use it for God’s glory. He is a God of love and Jesus is the Savior, the Redeemer. We are forgiven and we can forgive.

Psalm 66:16 Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he did for me.

But our story is not to be limited to only those who fear God, our story is to be carried out among those who don’t know HIM yet.

1 John 1:2-3 This life was revealed to us, and we have seen it and testify about it. We declare to you this eternal life that was with the Father and was revealed to us. What we have seen and heard we declare to you so that you, too, can have fellowship with us. Now this fellowship of ours is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus, the Messiah

I have shared some of my story here in my various posts and there are some parts that I’m not yet willing to share in such a public place. But I have shared it in private, with those who are able to find hope through it. Seeing how God has carried me, covered me, loved me and redeemed me.

Go and share your stories of HOPE, FORGIVENESS AND REDEMPTION. There are many who need to hear it so they too will seek out the only God who can save them.

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