Need to Know

In a setting where an organization is contracting with the coach and paying for the services, the coach will communicate with the organization to confirm that the client is following through with the commitment but will not communicate any part of the client/coach communications.  It will be left up to the client to communicate that with the organization they are part of.


Goals – The Client sets the agenda and chooses the goals.

Encouragement – Encouraging, supporting, and affirming the client and being their personal cheer leader.

Accountability – Partnering with the client by holding them accountable for the changes they decide to make.

Growth – As the client processes what they have endured, they will remember where they came from, make changes.


The coaching and/or consulting schedule will be determined between the coach and the client. The client is required to give a 24 hour notice in the case that a coaching session needs to be canceled. 

The coach will make every attempt to reschedule the session in cases where there is extreme need by the client.  The coach also has discretion to reschedule a scheduled session.


Our coaching relationship and all our conversations are strictly confidential unless the client choses to share that information, unless required by the court of law.

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