She meets them where they are in their walk with Christ and encourages them to move forward by planting the seeds of Christ. MaryJane Wills – Winchester, Ky

I know Rhonda to be a person of strong moral character who treats others with courtesy and respect.  Her ability to communicate easily and effectively and establish a rapport with others has resulted in her having the opportunity to mentor many women, including me.  She’s encouraged me as a leader and offered constructive criticism as needed in a loving and honest way.  I’ve grown in my confidence as a leader of women and as a Christian disciple making disciples in no small part because of Rhonda’s influence in my life and her heart for and natural gift in mentoring and coaching.  Joy Planck – Flemingsburg, Ky

From the very first day I met Rhonda, she began to pull me out of my shell.  She was the first person to successfully approach me on a personal one-to-one level. Rhonda has a very kind, compassionate, but straightforward method of reaching into and through people’s emotional barriers, along with the patience required to wait for them to truly open up.  Rhonda listens without making me feel judged and offers responses and advice that guide me to consider other alternatives, while she carefully avoids directing my path. Pamela Roundtree – Winchester, Ky

Rhonda is a natural coach who has the ability to help a person see where they’re going and to identify the steps needed to get there. I have worked with a life coach myself in the past who was quite adept at these skills and I see those same skills in Rhonda, but on an even higher level.  I am quite confident that Rhonda has genuine care and concern for the well-being of everyone she meets. Elizabeth Randolph – Lexington, Ky

Rhonda is a natural mentor and coach who will challenge you to reach higher and encourage you all along the way. Not a yes woman, she will call you out when you need it and push you to grow up and into the person God created and empowered you to be. She is a natural connector with a passion for helping women step into their calling.  Nicole Webb – Winchester, Ky