What is Coaching?

“Coaching is a discipline of helping people grow without telling them what to do” – Tony Stoltzfus

Why did I choose to be a life coach?

While seeking out something that would represent my journey and how I could offer hope to others, I came across the plants that fall into the “Succulent” family.   In my search, I found that these plants have great qualities that are needed to sustain a long life.   I also found that they represent well, the hope that changes the lives that we live.

These qualities I found were needed in my journey and through coaching and the searching within, I hope they will dwell within my clients. Looking at growth and movement in 4 very specific ways.

Edure – We have pasts.

Retain – We have a choice. We can try and forget what we have endured or we can remember it in a way that helps us learn.

Adapt – We have another choice. We can let our past keep us stuck or we can learn, do the hard work and change so our future will look how we want it.

Grow – We will learn and grow. Creating our life, emotionally, physically and spiritually to be what we and our Lord want it to be.

What is a life coach and do you personally, your business or your employees need one?

A coach is a collaborative partner, not a hired expert. A coach is not a consultant, mentor, counselor, or adviser because he or she is non-directive. We say that coaching is done “from the inside out” rather than “from the outside in”.

Coaches have no agenda, no personal investment in a client taking one path versus another. Instead, coaches will listen for and focus on the gap between where a client is now and where the client senses God is calling them to be.

Coaching is the art of asking powerful questions that prompt clients to think about things they’ve never considered before, or may have dismissed as impossible.

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