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About Rhonda

Welcome!   So glad that you are able to join me.  I’m a wife, mother and better known as “Lollie” to 5 wonderful grandchildren.  For many years I knew there was a God but I really didn’t know how much He loved me until the last decade.   In 1992 when I went through a divorce of my 1st husband, that is when I came to know Him as a God of relationships and it has been growing every day since.  He has carried me through many life experiences that has made me who I am.  Some were heart wrenching and some were glorious and all molded me to be a more compassionate and loving woman to the hurting around me.  I pray that you will find solace from this site.  I am anxious to share my heart with you and hope that you will share yours with me.  If I have learned anything from this journey that I’m on is this.

Jeremiah 29:11-13

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Know that this is His plan for you too.

My Journey

I’ll spare you all the growing up details except for a few.  My parents were married when I was 6 and I finally had a little sister when I was 10.   We didn’t attend church except for a few times that I can remember.  My family’s lives changed in a instant just a couple months before the birth of my sister.

With responsibilities, too much for a child, and other experiences I encountered as a youth, my childhood was, let’s just say, “out of the ordinary”.   These experiences influenced and caused consequences well into my adult life.  My family moved to a new city during my sophomore year and there is where God brought me the woman that would introduce me to Jesus. God used every opportunity to mold me into the woman He planned for me.  And He is still molding.

This is when I was introduced to my future husband, who attended the church as well.  The white pick fence was all I could see. So we married 1 year after we graduated from high school.  10 years later I found myself divorced.  During those 10 years there were many heart breaking experiences but I came out of it with 2 wonderful children and a relationship with God.  So for that I can say “Thank You”.  Although I was left with a lot of brokenness.

Angela Thomas says, “we must realize that there will never be a healthy love between a woman and a man until she comes to rest and find her being in the great love of God.  God’s love gives wisdom in discerning the man.  God’s love gives direction and patience and hope.  God’s love lets us smile at the man’s quirks, just as God smiles at ours”.

But my brokenness over powered me at times.  My relationship with the Lord was growing and he was working on me and in the meantime, I meet my 2nd husband.  We were married a year later and the roller coaster continued.

Angela Thomas again says, “I hope that you have heard me.   A good man can be wonderful. But he can never be enough, and he can never make you whole.  You and I were made for even more.  We were made for God.”

New marriage, raising children, building a family, starting in a new home, careers, past baggage, illnesses and life. Beth Moore says: “I have discovered that if Satan can’t get  me with destruction, he will get to me with distractions.”

But life for me today is fantastic!  The Lord has never failed me even in my failures.  Satan wants to win my life over to his side but the Lord is hanging on tight to me.   After 20+ years, I am still married to a wonderful man that loves me more than I deserve.  And our children are leaning on Christ to raise their families. We are blessed!  We still struggle, we still fail and we still are holding on to the Lord with all our might.

I have all learned many things over the last years and here’s a few of them…

  • God is much bigger than I give HIM credit for
  • If I keep my mouth closed and don’t’ dwell on my will then HIS will is much easier to follow.
  • God is ever present and dependable.
  • Love those around you like you only have today.
  • Forgive or the un-forgiveness will only hurt you.
  • Live a life of gratitude, it takes far less energy.
  • Be honest with yourself and then forgive yourself.
  • Don’t fear being who God made you to be.
  • Accept fully the forgiveness of Christ by showing Him daily that you understand what he has done for you.
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