Juneteenth Celebration & Life Lesson

We were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well -1 Thessalonians Did you know that there was a celebration at Heritage Park on June 19th?  Some would call this celebration, “Juneteenth”.    Do you know what this day is in celebration of?  Juneteenth is a federal holidayContinue reading “Juneteenth Celebration & Life Lesson”

Thompson Chain Reference Bible Review

Zondervan has produced and made available for sale as of June 2021 the Thompson Chain-Reference.  Never heard of it?  Neither had I, but apparently Dr. Frank Charles Thompson started working on this system of Bible Study way back in 1890!  It was first published in 1908 and continued to be published for the next 100Continue reading “Thompson Chain Reference Bible Review”

Bowl of Mixed Fruit

When you look at this bowl of fruit, you immediately see many different types, tastes and geographical origination spots. What is the process when you make a fruit salad?1. Shred the outer layer2. Cut out the core3. Remove the seeds4. Separate from the whole and blend together I’ve been considering what my surroundings look like.Continue reading “Bowl of Mixed Fruit”

Social Media vs Friend

Social Media vs Friend.   You might ask, “Why do you say social media vs friend?”.  In today’s world where people spend more time on their device than they do sitting across the table from someone and having a conversation, it has come to this question.   The problem of scrolling for hours, checking and rechecking yourContinue reading “Social Media vs Friend”

Has anyone looked?

Has anyone looked in the dictionary lately? I wonder if the word CONSEQUENCE has been removed. The consequence for our actions can lead to good/UNITY or bad/DIVISION. Do not be deceived………… just because we have convinced ourselves that our intentions are for good/UNITY, the actions that we take may not lead to that. We mustContinue reading “Has anyone looked?”