Group Sessions

Group Coaching Session: Virtual or In-person

These sessions can be customized to meet the needs of the clients.

Common session topics:

Coaching Topics with 1 topic per session – 50 min sessions

Boundaries are in session:

  1. Positive Self Talk: Quiet the Critic
  2. Remade: Changing your mindset so you can feel whole again
  3. Boundaries: Self-awareness, setting the plan and staying the path
  4. Boundaries: Be your own gate keeper
  5. Just Do it: Fighting through the Fear

Spiritual Formation:

  1. Share our Faith Found
  2. The Recognition of God
  3. The Life of Discipleship
  4. The Productive Life
  5. The Journey Inward
  6. The Wall
  7. The Journey Outward
  8. The Life of Love
  9. Stages of Faith and Formation
  10. Ministry, Church, Faith and Power
  11. Power and Stewardship
  12. Reflections
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