Proverbs 17:27

He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit.

Calm spirit…… What does that feel like?  The Webster dictionary says it’s a quiet and peaceful state or condition.  The key words here are quiet and peaceful.  I’ve always been a quiet person.  One that sits back and watches and listens, so sparing my words have never really been a problem.  Although I have stuck my foot in my mouth a time or two.  But I wasn’t peaceful inside.  My past (which could have included the day before), kept my insides churning.   And to be calm you have to have both.  So how did I find calm?  I found the Lord.  A true, honest, heart filled relationship with Him.  Talking to Him constantly, allowing Him to guide me, releasing my thoughts to Him and letting Him mold them.  Now does that mean I am ALWAYS calm?  Far from it, I still stick my foot in at times but I’m quicker to return to Him now.  So, I ask you…….. Do you want calm?  It’s right there in front of you.

Lord, I am at peace with You.  I thank You Lord for never giving up on me.  For not leaving my side when I rebelled, for not leaving my side when I was being harmed by others and for not leaving my side when I stuck my foot in my mouth. I thank You!   My life could have ventured off in a whole other direction and I’m thankful You continued to hold on to me.  Please Lord be with my family and friends.  Particularly those who are wavering in their faith and dependence on You.  This world can be ugly and yet still very alluring, so I ask You to be a little forceful with them if You have to.  Your love for them runs deep and I know that Your heart aches for them. Amen!

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