Whole Hearted Obediance

Hebrews 11:6   

 And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

But with that faith, I must give back.  Do I feel that intimacy with God?  Do I seek every opportunity to give Him thanks for the abundance that He gives to me?  Do I turn to Him when fear and pain are lurking in my shadows waiting to pounce?  Do I live a life of whole hearted obedience? Living every day with a desire to please Him!  I pray I do!  But I’m saddened to say that I’m sure I have missed a multitude of opportunities to give the thankful offerings of love and faith to God.   And thankfully He knew that about me way before I accepted that about myself.  That’s why He has given Grace.  That one 5 letter words gives me yet another opportunity to give thanks to God where thanks is definitely due.

So I pray that I will be fully ready in faith and belief in God when the day comes for me to go to Him in soul.  And He will accept me into His arms because that’s just how He rolls.

Lord father I praise You.  You are the most perfect gift giver.  You know my every need, my every want, my every secret pain, my every fear and my every thought and yet You still are on my side.  I thank You!!!!!!!!!!  Lord I pray that I will never lose that closeness to You.   That I will strive everyday to seek You and will never fear being Real with You.  Lord, I pray that you will continue to show Your love and mercy on me, my family and my friends.   That we will never lose sight of You.  That we will always feel Your presence and we will always give You the thanks as You alone deserve.  I pray particularly for my family, as a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister.  I know the secret pains of those I love but I am grateful that even as abundant as my love is for them, I have no doubt that Your love far surpasses.  Amen!

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