Psalms 143:10

Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; Your Spirit is good. Lead me in the land of uprightness.

 We start at a very early age.  We cry out when we are hungry, sleepy, wanting attention or simply uncomfortable.  That’s the only way we are able to communicate and usually gets us what we want.  Then we become toddlers……..oh my!  Learning to talk, finding all kinds of new and amazing things to touch and so intrigued by life. It’s about impossible to stop us. Then the teens hit, stretching ourselves as far as we can, testing the waters and seeking our boundaries. Slowly realizing there are restraints on right and wrong. Then what we think is adulthood, our 20’s! Yea, we can make our own decisions and no one will tell us what to do.  Well, in some sense that is accurate but we eventually learn that being on your own is not all that it’s cut out to be. 

 I’ve past that 20’s stage some 30+ years ago and still learning.  I’ve come to realize that I will be learning until the day I die.  All sorts of things shape us into the person we are in our 20’s.  I’m using 20’s as a starting point of independence, for some it starts earlier and some later, but since that is the average time that we are able to seek out “who we are”, that is also the time that we can become aware of the presence of God in our lives and choose to have relationship with Him or not.  We can allow Him to start molding us into who He knows we are.  Now, for me………. The molding started and I immediately tried to use my own hands to help Him.  I would mess it all up and then He would have to start again.  This has happened many times.  Each time, me learning a lesson on sculpting and learning to leave it up to the perfect artist.  It’s so hard at times to not want to smooth out that wrinkle or create a curve where I want it but I am slowly learning from Him.  He is teaching me to do His will, for He is my God. His Spirit which lives inside of me is good and perfect.  And He will lead me/mold me into perfection.  I simply need to give way to Him.

 Lord I come to You today still learning.  Still stretching my hands, wanting my will but realizing quicker it’s Your will I truly need.  I find myself ashamed and then remember Who the sculptor of my life is and I rejoice. I ask You to never quit molding me into Your masterpiece.  Lord, I pray for my family and friends.  I pray they will release their will to Yours. The world tells us we are in control of our selves but we must let You be in control and learn.  Amen!

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