Isaiah 6:11

Then I said, “For how long, Lord?”

And he answered:

“Until the cities lie ruined
and without inhabitant,
until the houses are left deserted
and the fields ruined and ravaged,

I took this picture of an old home place.  When I pass a deserted home, I always wonder what the people were like who lived there.  Was it a happy home or was it a home like so many that was full of heart ache and pain.  Was it a home that housed grandparents, parents, children and possibly grandchildren or was it a home that had a father whose wife died during child birth, a mother whose husband died while protected our land or a single parent simply trying to make it on their own with no other family around? Just what was life like inside those walls?  Was there anyone in there that knew Christ and would stand up for the family (their people)?

Isaiah saw the Lord in all His glory and understood where he failed in his own life.  The Lord called out to him to “Go and tell this people”.  Some will hear and still not believe and they will be found in righteous judgement but those who hear and will be healed.  Isaiah didn’t feel worthy but yet he said, “Here I am send me”.  He made a choice to stand up and tell his people.

So are we willing to say “Here I am send me” or are our bodies, our homes, our families going to be deserted?  Lord I want to say “Here I am send me” but I don’t always feel prepared to do Your work.  Yet You always show me the way as long as I’m willing.  And Your glory is shown.  I pray Lord that I will be willing to stand up and tell those in this world, tell my friends and my family about You.  I pray that I will not sit back and allow my body, my home and my family to be deserted.  I ask You to be with my family and friends.  I ask You to point someone in their direction and I pray that when they learn of Your greatness, they will not turn away but they will say, “Here am I send me”.  Amen!

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