Matt 5:5

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

Dictionary: Meek – humbly patient or docile, submissive or compliant; gentle and kind.

Is this me? Is this you? We are taught as children to speak up, don’t let others run over us, if we want something we have to ask for it and be proud of who you are. Were our parents wrong in instilling those things in us? I don’t think so. But those are teaching on how to live in this world, they are not teachings on how to have relations with our Lord. Even our Lord reacts in this manner when necessary. But we are told to be meek under God’s teachings. If we speak up and are proud of who we are as Christians, showing the world a likeness of our Lord each and every minute. Don’t let those in this world that don’t believe demonstrate their views openly, trying to force the evil that motivates them onto us, we should stand firm on the Lords teaching with a gentleness and kindness that overpowers the evils. This will draw people into us and allow us to share God’s spirit with them. Don’t be afraid to speak up, not letting others run over us and being proud of who we are, but only if we are showing the spirit of the Lord and the knowledge of His word.

Dear Lord, I pray that today I will exude Your Spirit. That my every action will be bold but with a meek heart. I live Lord to be with You forever but I know that I fall short more often than I would like. Lord I pray that I will remember when I fall that I don’t have to stay there, buried under the shame of failure because You are a loving and forgiving God, so that will give me the strength and courage to get back up, brush off and start again. Thank You for Your forgiveness. Amen!

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