Matt 5: 7

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

I don’t know about you but the Lord has shown me mercy more times than I can count. In fact this past weekend, particularly Sunday, was all about the mercy that our Lord has shown us. This world is so full of sin and Satan is hard at work pulling us in with his subtle ways, that we don’t even realize it sometime until it hits us in the face. I know in my life time I have prayed for mercy from God and from others, and have received it. Then there has also been times that I have asked for it from others and didn’t receive it. Not such a good feeling. But today I’m challenged to show mercy like I have been shown. As I look up what mercy means, I ask myself, “Do I look like this……benevolence, blessing, charity, forgiveness, generosity, goodwill, grace, pity, sympathy, tolerance, favor, forbearance, gentleness, godsend, humanity, kindliness, lifesaver, mildness and softheartedness.

Lord, today I thank You for giving us Your Son! Without His willingness to give himself up and take our place on that cross, we would be lost forever. There is no way Lord that I can ever repay that sacrifice I have been shown. But Lord I can do my part in showing that to others. I pray that I will show the mercy, that You have given me so freely, to others around me. In my humanness it may not feel like the other one in front of me deserves mercy but neither do I, Lord   Amen!


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