Psalm 139:23

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.

When we’re young we believe that we fully “know” who we are, what we stand for and what we believe. We’re on top of the world.  Living life to the fullest!  Truly not thinking about God throughout our days or how He sees us.

The ladies in this picture all know me well, along with several others not pictured.  They’ve seen the Ugly Beautiful and they still love me.  Just as I know and love them!  It’s a wonderful thing to have people in your life that “know” you.

I have lived thinking that I knew me best and then I realized………. I didn’t really like who I saw.  After several years of living in this world and weathering the storms of this life, the face staring back at me was distorted and angry. Even though in the open those around me may not have seen that face, it was there.  God was showing me who I was so I’d be ready for the changes He wanted to make in me.  He had to break me into unrecognizable pieces so my reflection would be more like Him.  But it wasn’t what was changing on the outside, it was on the inside.  Now each day I ask Him to show me who He wants me to be and rid me of the distorted and angry reflection so that my reflection would more resemble Him. But for Him to do those changes, I had to let go of who I believed I was. Seeking His guidance in my life, admitting that He knows me best!

Lord I come to You pliable each day!  Asking You to show me and change me into a better me.  I pray that I will walk the journey of my life letting go of the distorted and angry views of my mind allowing Your Spirit to dwell in my heart.  Helping me, guiding me and giving me deep down Joy.  Lord I pray that You will use me to reach those around me that are still looking at a reflection that they don’t like.  That I will be able to use the lessons in my life and help them find You in theirs.  Lord I pray for my family and friends.  This world can be hard, so I pray they will ask You into their lives so miraculous change can take place.  Amen!

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