Being Intentional!

Hebrews 10:24

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

Intentional – What does that mean?

Definition: done on purpose; deliberate.

This week, as I have found encouragement in the bible and friends, it lead me to want to encourage you to be intentional for Christ.  Each day I will share with you what I did the previous day.   I hope that you will consider “being intentional” in your relationships and comment on the post, sharing how you’ve been looking at being intentional.  And also share how it has encouraged you in your walk with the Lord.

Here is a couple of things to spur you on……

  1. Create multi-generational/racial outlets: Don’t stay closed off to only what’s comfortable
  2. Remember that the longing that you have in your heart to be loved/accepted is the same longing that the others around  you have

Lord, I know that You want me to be intentional in my walk with You.  To spend time in Your word, to talk with You daily, to share You with others and to Love like You have loved me.  With our busy lives Lord, that can seem to go on the back burner.  I pray Lord that You will give me the time daily to be intentional with those around me.  To be aware and be willing to give of my self even if it’s not comfortable.  I ask You to prepare me with words to say and love to give.  I ask You Lord to be with my family and friends.  Help us all to remember that it takes energy and awareness to be intentional in our relationships, which includes our own families.  I love You and am grateful! Amen!

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