What path?

Matthew 36:37-40

love God first, above all else, and that we love other people as we love ourselves. Do that and you fulfill all of God’s requirements 

Do I love God first?  And if I do, do I then love others as I love myself?  One thing that I have learned over the last several years is that “if I don’t love myself, there is no way that I understand how to “love others”.  I knew that I loved God but I didn’t understand that unconditional kind of love and how that translated into His love for me.   Once I fully grasped the love He has for me and could love myself, it freed me up to love others.

There was a path that I had to take to get to that understanding. The path is narrow that leads to Him.  It’s not the path that includes what the world says that we should look like or act like, how much money we make or where we live, what group of people we hang with or how many “likes” we have on social media.  That path means nothing!  The path that leads to God is the only one where we will learn to love ourselves and therefore love others.  I have had to let God release me from old ways of thinking about myself and it has opened up a whole new life of living for Him and loving others freely.

So I say to you, don’t choose the path of the world!

PATH1.jpgLord thank You for helping me walk Your path.   Thank You for being patient with me and loving unconditionally.  Thank You for showing me that it’s okay for me to love myself and thank You for being the perfect example of how to love others.  I pray Lord that I will always see others how You see me.  Lord, please be with my family and friends.  Help them to grasp it! Amen!

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