Romans 5:3-4 

“And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance, and perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

Find glory in my tribulations?   You have got to be kidding me!  Who in the world would find glory in tribulations?  I know in my life of 50 some years I have had many and I must say that at the time I didn’t find glory in them.  All the way from a child burning my legs with a pot pie, to my mother having a life altering auto accident, from the tumultuous teen years, to a young rocky marriage, to divorce and so on finding glory was not 1st on my “happy times” list.  But as I age I find that it was during those times that I found the strength that God gave me to handle them, so each time I find myself buried in pain of this life, I also find a way to seek my God even more.  I’ve become very aware that the actions of others and my poor choices don’t have to keep me in the pit of Hell.  I find it easier to climb my way out, brush off and make some lemonade.  But don’t think of me as special, it’s God who lives in me that is special.  He picks me up during the times that I can’t walk any longer and He walks along side of me when I need the shoulder to lean on.  I trust in Him alone to give me everything that I need and to teach me how to survive until the time I can go be with Him forever in peace.  Never wavering, never leaving, never finding fault, never causing pain, never withdrawing His love and never letting me forget who He is to me.  This is what is available to all who will choose to seek, find and ask Him to become that for them.  We don’t have to stay in that pit any longer, grab His hand and He will lift you to a life beyond your imagination!

Lord Father, I thank you for letting me taste my consequences and growing through the pain from actions of others.  I know without You I would never make it through.  Thank You for making my life glorious and providing an avenue that I can travel where I can find peace, joy and beauty even where there are pot holes and hail storms.  Never do I want to travel without You! Amen!

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