Arrows to God

Psalm 127:4-5

Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.

In a bible study I was in on the topic of Prayer, this scripture came up when talking about praying for our children.  The facilitator asked, “What do you think this scripture means?”. Of course we had many different answers!  From “Children are like arrows, we are to shoot them to see where they land”, “We are the guide of the arrow and the director”, “We want to use the arrow on them!” and WE ALL LAUGHED!

One lady shared a instance in her family where her child continued to have horrifying dreams where this alligator kept coming at him and eating him.  The dreams continued and she would pray over him night after night.  Her son was scared and nothing that she seemed to do was helping.  One night during her prayer she felt the Holy Spirit tell her, “The next time you talk to your son tell him “In your dream , call out to the Lord and ask the Lord to destroy the alligator.””.   So the next day when she was talking to her son, she did just that.  That day and night past and the next morning her son came running into the kitchen and proclaimed, “I did what you said mommy and the Lord destroyed the alligator!”.   What a lesson this was for the son, for the mommy and for me!

We try to do and do and do for other when sometimes it takes them doing for themselves. Not that we shouldn’t pray for our families and others in this world but we need to be teaching them how to reach out to the Lord for themselves.  Building their own relationship with Him.  Because I won’t always be available but Christ will be !

Lord, thank You for being trustworthy, faithful, strong and loving.  I pray Lord that I will continue to seek You through all of my fears and rejoice with You through all of my victories.  Lord, please help me to be bold so that I can help other find their strength in You.  Amen!

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