Psalm 5:11

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy.

I have typed many times about the joys I get from my flowers and from riding on the back of the Harley with my husband.  We all have those things that if even for a moment we can retreat from reality and be glad and sing for joy.  But what about in all those other times. In the reality! What do we do during those times to be glad?  To sing for joy? I have found that I can find refuge in my Lord.  I remind myself of the promises of the love He has for me.  Remind myself that He has a greater plan, one that I can’t see but He has planned out regardless of who else tries to mess things up.  Remind myself that He is greater, wiser and more powerful than even me.  So with that!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can take refuge in You of Lord and ever sing for joy!

Lord, Thank You for having a greater plan for me. Amen!

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