In the middle of the muck!

Mark 2:5  When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralyzed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven”.

This world and the people in it will beat us up emotionally, we make decisions throughout our lives that lead us into ugly and painful situations, we cause harm to and take advantage of others around us, we talk in ways that bring harm instead of peace and we never let ourselves off the hook much less anyone else.  Our mind can be a hindrance to our healing process if we continue to let it speak to us and control our next move.  I have heard people say words like, “Look up and you will see God”, “We must surrender our will to Him”, “Our defeats don’t define us” and “take the steps to change something today even though it may be small”.  We don’t need to let the things of this world and the mind inside us paralyze us to the point of destruction but if we don’t face it, IT WILL.  There is only one way to push through the power that controls us and that is giving the power over to God and accepting His forgiveness.  He is there for us even in the middle of the muck of our lives and He will pull us out.  Jesus saw my faith, and he said to me, “Daughter, your sins are forgiven”.  Listen and He will talk to you too!

Dear Lord Father, I know that You are a loving and forgiving God.  I have sinned in so many ways and brought about confusion  instead of peace in my life as well as in others.  But Lord, today I give it all to You.  You are way more powerful than that which lives inside of me causing the ugliness. I simply have to make the decision today, continue to walk towards you with baby steps even if I take a couple of steps backwards sometimes, You are still there beside me holding my hand so that I can feel Your strength. I know that never will I fall so far down where You can’t reach me.  I pray Lord that I will shine for You today.  Amen!

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