Fridays Question

How do I reconcile?

I’ve heard it said , “You can never reconcile what you do not recognize”.  That make perfectly good sense.  How am I going to reconcile a relationship with someone if I don’t recognize that there is an issue?  Whether the issue is with me or with them.  I must recognize the problem before I can even consider reconciling with them.  And then there is the part that the other person must join in that recognition process.  We all have a PART to play.

P – Permission to pursue

A- Accountability, Authenticity and Action

R- Remembering the gifts

T- Truth to Power, Transform each other and Trust

Now it’s time to reconcile. But remember, to reconcile means to forgive and reunite with that person.  If doing that, puts you in harms way,God does not want that for you.

Ephesians 2 biblegateway-com-logo

Lord help me recognize and be lead to reconcile. Amen


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