Our Sin is a Symptom

Have  you ever asked yourself “Why”?  Why do I act this way?  Why do things keep happening to me? Why ……………………?

Maybe, just maybe, the answers are easier to find then we think.  The answers are within us!

Openly examine and confess my faults to myself, to God and to someone I trust.

Matthew 5:8  Happy are the pure in heart.

But it’s not easy or I would go as far as saying “it’s impossible” to go it alone.

Do I _____________________?

live in denial

justify my behaviors

continually repeat bad behaviors even though I’m convicted to stop

live more concerned about others thoughts

withdraw within my own 4 walls

self seek


Do I ______________________?

seek out Jesus’s love and guidance and insight

admit when I have done wrong

ask others to help hold me accountable

wait for God to show me my weakness

search out lasting, strong relationships with others

serve others

My sin is a symptom of my choices.  The unseen things that are harboring in my heart. Things I haven’t given over to God.  So I’m choosing to seek out God to help me make better ones.

Lord, Where would I be without you?  I shutter to even think.  I am grateful for your steady hand in my life.  Help me to look beyond myself and be that hand for others.  Amen!





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