Hard (Deceitful)

Psalms 101:7 He who works deceit shall not dwell within my house; He who tells lies shall not continue in my presence.

Being honest and living with integrity seems to be a practice that is hard to do and a thing of the past.  Where there is deceitfulness there also lies a person that is living for self.


de·ceit·ful -1. given to deceiving: A deceitful person cannot keep friends for long.

  1. intended to deceive; misleading; fraudulent: a deceitful action.


  1. insincere, disingenuous, false, hollow, designing, tricky, wily. 2. illusory, fallacious.

Antonyms :

  1. honest. 2. genuine

A deceitful person will end up alone because they are unable to foster relationships.  To dwell in the house of the Lord we must be honest and genuine.  Ugg…….to do that we must let others inside our head, allowing them to see our thoughts, open up our hidden boxes of skeletons, feel our fears and see our failures.  But being honest and genuine with a friend (God) also allows them to balance out of thoughts, burn those skeletons, protect  us from our fears and give us grace from our failures.  God made us for relationship, He made us so that we would one day dwell with Him and He made us to care for others before ourselves.  We can’t do that if we’re not in open relationship.  Try it today.  Be honest, hiding nothing, being genuine in your relationships and see that the Lord knew what He was doing.

Lord Father, I come to you today with a full heart.  Desiring to be honest and genuine with You.  Allowing You to dwell inside me.  Directing my every move.  I know Lord that even if I didn’t verbally tell You about me, You still would know.  But the act of me opening up to You is more for me than You.  Talking to You is what brings me peace to my soul.  I am grateful Lord that You have placed in my life friends and family that I can be “REAL” with.  Never feeling that I have to hide from the truth about who I am.  I pray today Lord, that my family and friends will also understand the need for relationship with You.  Will be willing to be honest and genuine with You and they will be able to discern those that You have placed in their lives whom they can be “REAL” with.  I thank You with every fiber of my being.  Amen!



2 thoughts on “Hard (Deceitful)

  1. I think we can be deceitful without ever opening our mouths. You may not SAY a thing, but just go along, allowing others to think something about you that isn’t true…like that you are perfect, you have a perfect family or marriage. And needing that image of perfection to the degree that you’ll hurt those the love to maintain it. Laying it all out there when the opportunity is right to do so takes faith and humility and courage……………………..Thanks Rhonda………………Love you! 🙂


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