You Have This

Mark 11:22 So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.”

Blind faith, why is this so hard?  We have faith that our job is going to be here tomorrow, that the grocery stores are going to have that 1 particular food that we love, that our cars are going to start in the mornings, that the dentist will make that tooth stop hurting, that the trees and grass are going to be green, that the sun is going to shine brightly in the sky during the day, the stars are going to glisten at night and the ocean is going to be beautiful on vacation.  So I wonder how we can have faith in these things, when we don’t have control of them at all, they just happen!  The only thing really that we have control of is our own behavior, our own belief system and our own bodies (and sometimes not even that). So why can’t we have total faith in our Lord God? He is the one that provided that job so we can feed our families, he provided all sources of food for us to give us nourishment, he allowed us to have cars to make transportation easier, he gave the dentists/doctors the skills to help us, he made the trees, grass, sun, stars and ocean for us to enjoy.  So again why can’t we have faith in Him!  If our faith is weak, we will not be alert enough to hear Him calling us to that better way of life.  To that more peace and joy filled life!  Stop and think of all the things we just believe and see if God is on the top of that list and He is the one who actually provided it.  It’s not enough to say with our mouths “we have faith” and then try to control our surroundings.  Having faith is letting go of that control and letting God take the steering wheel. If He can provide all that we have, shouldn’t we think that He can provide all that we need?

Dear Lord Father…………………….I Believe, I have Faith!  I say this with my mouth today Lord and I pray that You will show me a glimpse of You working in my life.  I know with my heart that You have this and today I pray that I will trust with my mind that “You Have this!”.  Amen!


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