Rest, Peace, Love and Time

Ephesians 5:25  “Husbands, love your wife as Christ loves the church.”

This weekend was busy…….  I hadn’t really have an opportunity to clean my house like I need too.  Touch ups but not really clean, so I was determined that I would do that.   After spending several hours cleaning and  a couple hours working in the yard, I was blessed by 3 hours of running around behind my 2 year old grandson, Weston. 20729425_10155198298772284_2148785747924374170_n And when I say run behind that is exactly what I mean.  But what a blessing he is.  All this on Saturday.  The up and at it on Sunday for church obligations  and worship.  I was in real need of some R and R.  So my husband, the wonderful man he is, did what he knows I love and need, and that’s take me for a ride on the motorcycle.  Yes, 3.5 hours of blissful riding on Sunday afternoon.  He gave me all the things I need in that 1 ride. Rest………… I had to do nothing.  Literally, nothing at all, just sit on my hiney.  Peace……….. the beauty of nature, road side creeks, lakes, sun streaming through the trees, mountain tops, farm animals in the fields and even a field of sun flowers.  If you will notice they are all facing the same way.  Towards the sun.  I pray that I’m always facing towards the Son.   Love…… he showed me love by giving to me without expecting anything in return.  Loving me without strings and knowing me enough to know what gives me peace.  Time……… And we had time together. Just he and I riding in the breeze, with the warmth of the sun on our faces and sometimes a coolness that reminds me that God still provides comfort to us.  My husband, loves me as Christ loves the church.  Christ know what his children need to find rest, what we need that brings them peace,  he loves us beyond all understanding and he will take as long as he needs to draw us closer to him.

So for this week, I’m starting refreshed by the rest, peace, love and time my husband gave me. And I’m refreshed by the reminder that God placed it all here for me to have.  And I am forever grateful.

Thank you Lord for providing places and spaces for me to rest, find peace, receive love and have the time.  Amen!signature

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