Friday’s Question

Do you think your worthy of being forgiven, redeemed and in eternity with God?

I’ve was faced with 2 different situations yesterday where this possibility was forgotten or either never learned.  And I wonder, why?  Why are their people out there spending their life in shame about decisions they made years before?  Afraid of opening up and reaching out.  Afraid of being honest or real with others.  Putting on airs on the surface and withering on the inside.   One case ended the life of a person who found themselves in a situation and so burdened by it that they took their own life, at the expense of a whole lot of people that would have loved them through it.  Another case of one that is continuing to live a life in the shadows of dishonesty, feeling burdened and shameful but pride is overcoming them, at the expense of relationships with others that would love them regardless.  Why is this?  When there is Christ who died on the cross and is simply wanting us to ask Him to join us in our lives.  He will always forgive and redeem us if we walk our life with Him.  But we have to be open, honest and willing to be vulnerable in in our walk, ridding ourselves of ourselves and allowing Him to take over.

9e6a9115e9647c0f93dac24855e2dd6bIt reminds me of the Woman at the Well.  Where Jesus meet a Samaritan there who in the worlds view wasn’t worthy of pretty much anything.  She had led a wild life and made lots of bad decisions, yet Jesus saw her.

John 4:1-26 – Full Story click here

It pains me that people live lives full of shame, guilt and feel there is no where to go.  If they only knew.  Am I expected to tell them?

Lord, please help me be brave and will to share your love with others.  Letting them know that they are never hopeless and without someone that loves them.  You are the most precious gift that we have ever received.  Amen!


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