Friendship, commitment, obligation, control, love, sincerity and actions are a few things that need to be steady in our lives.  Regretfully I’m finding that we are surrounded by relationships that are anything but steady.   To be steady in relationship that requires steady movement towards a better, more fulfilling relationship.  Just as this fountain pictured, as long as the pump is plugged in the power source and it pushes the water through there is movement and the end result is a steady flow and a beautiful ripple effect.  We must be plugged into our power source, Jesus, and allow His example of friendship, commitment, obligation, control, love, sincerity and actions to direct our steadiness in relationships.

1 John 4:9-21 (click to read)

God shows his love by action.  He doesn’t just say it, he demonstrates it with action. He is generous, continual, unconditional and intentional in his love to us.  And this is what our love to others should show.  It should call us to extend that love.  We love God and we love others. And we need to be steady in that love.

Sometimes that love is shown by extending until it hurts.  It may not be comfortable but it will be worth it.  God gave his only son for us out of love, so what do we give?

I have to show it with my actions.  Be steady and do what I say I’ll do.  Put others first and let my words be followed through by action.

Lord, I thank You for loving me so much that You were willing to sacrifice Your all.  Your son that came to show me real love and giving me a Holy Spirit to guide me in my daily walk.  I’m grateful Father that I can depend on You always and Your love for me is greater than any love I could imagine.  Help me show that same love.  Help me to be steady in my walk.  Amen!


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