Fences and Gates

Fences and Gates, they have been around for ever.  Generally they are used to keep live stock in a certain parameter so not to wonder off and the owner loose that investment.   But they have been used for many other reasons.   Whatever reason one would use fences and gates, the goal is to keep something in and keep something out.   That is why it’s such a good visual for boundaries.

Boundaries in my life have helped me visualize what is my responsibility and what is the responsibility of others.    If the situation lies within my property lines, it’s my responsibility to take care of it.  My body is my personal property line. My actions and my behaviors fall within that boundary.

Fences and gates help me determine who or what I want to keep out of my area.  It helps me understand what or who to say NO to so the ungodliness and worldly desires of my own are kept at a distance.  It also helps me keep those out that cause me harm.  This helps me be a good steward of what He has given me. My self!

Fences and gates are also help me determine who or what I want to allow in to my area.  People who challenge me to be better.  People who love me and want to support me in my Godly and personal desires for my life.   It helps me see the good and know when to say Yes to the things God would have waiting for me. My God created, perfectly loved self!

Fences and gates also help me see where I’m crossing the line into someone else’s boundary.  Helps me encourage them to carry their own load and be responsible for their stuff but in that it also helps me see where I am consciously or unconsciously wanting to pick up their load for them.  Or in some cases, where I have over powered their personal boundaries with forms of manipulation and control.

Regardless of why it is we have those fences and gates, our boundaries, they are there and given by God to help us lead a better and more loving life.

Titus 2:12

It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age,

Some would say that fences and gates, my boundaries, are selfish but that simply isn’t a true statement.  Boundaries are not walls, they are simply fences with gates in them.  Without the gates I would keep the bad inside.  Allowing no room to open up and confess my sin and hurts so that I can be forgive by God and others and find healing.  They are also necessary so that I can open up the gate and allow Jesus into my heart and others into my life.  The gate is a vital part of my boundary.  Allows the good in and keeps the bad out.

So explore those boundaries and allow God to show you when you should open and close the gate.

Boundary Book on Amazon

Lord, You have shown me boundaries and has changed my life.  Thank you for bringing me Jesus so I would know the forgiveness and restoration needed to heal from the boundaries that have been crossed in my life.   I pray Lord that others would seek that same healing.  Amen.


One thought on “Fences and Gates

  1. Cloud and Townsend’s book “Boundaries” was a blessing to me at a time when I really needed it! I wasn’t raised with proper boundaries so I had to learn them as an adult. That book really was transformational for me in that area. I’m so glad you posted on this topic and posted a link to that great book! I strongly encourage people to read it. Blessings!


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