Luke 12:2

Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.

Am I the only one?  Well as I type this question, I know without a doubt that I’m not!  It doesn’t matter what comes after “am I the only one, what”.  What has filled that space?  It could be a sin that I have committed or a sin that was committed against me, either way, most likely, I am NOT the only one.  So why do we try to hide it?

Like the little tree frog in the picture of the bird house, he thought he was being sly.  That would not be somewhere we would generally find a tree frog, so he figured he was safe there.  But Nope!

Over the last several years God’s uncovered many things about me.  Some of them involved others and some of them were just between me and God.  There came a time, God’s time, that the hidden needed to be made known.   It was painful to rip that covering off but a necessary process for healing and redemption.  The fabulous part about the whole process is that each time it reminded me of the Love and Forgiveness that the Lord has for me.  Once uncovered it can no longer weigh me down!  As for the hidden that involved others, those were times of action on my part to show HIS forgiveness and allow them to work on their own redemption.  That process is not for me to do, it’s between them and God.

So I write these words to encourage you to allow God to uncover those things in your life that need to be revealed.  To seek forgiveness and redemption for those things that are weighing you down.  Healing will never come with a covering over it!

Lord, thank You for giving Your Son so that I can find healing through the uncovering.  Amen!


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