I love rain!  If it’s raining, you can bet that you’ll find me on my porch.  Day or night, it doesn’t matter.  And I particularly love storms with lightening.  I know that sounds crazy, most are running for cover and shelter of a center room in their  homes.  Not me!  I want to get up close and personal with them.  What exactly does that say about me?

So I googled it!  Interestingly enough in the whole internet world I only found 1 post on why people like storms.  And I found it enlightening to my own personality.  This particular writer said obviously anyone can like storms but for him, he was a thinker, his mind never stopped but also he was an introvert so being alone in a storm was okay.  Ultimately he said that in storms he found peace.  And if I’d searched my soul instead of the internet, my soul would have said the same thing.  I too am a thinker and an introvert but mainly I too find peace in the gentle rain showers.  I find peace in the down pours.  I find peace in the lightening filled skies.  What I also find is that at the end of the rain storms the earth around me is cleansed.

Psalm 107:29

He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.

But there are times when the rain storms of life, metaphorically speaking, are not so peace filled.  They can engulf you to the point that we can not breathe.  They can wash away any since of peace that we may have.   They may feel as if they will never end.  But what I find is at the end of that rain storm, if I am looking, I can find evidence that God was there with me.

Psalm 46:1 

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

I have found that the more rain storms I weather, the easier it is to find Him in the middle.  The easier it is to see the cleansing that he is doing in my life.

So I say to you my friend, look for Him in your rain storms of life.  Seek Him out for the cleansing that He wants for you.

Lord, I praise you for all that you are in my life.  I praise you for giving me the peace that I need in the middle of the storms.  I ask for  you to be with those who are walking in that storm now and that they will feel your presence among them.  Amen!



13 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Ah! I love rainstorms! We go walking in them, and kayaking…ok, not on purpose, but we had an amazing experience in the tidewaters during a lightening storm. I, too, find peace in the storms. It’s me against the elements–but I know that God controls the elements and will shelter me.


  2. I’d be sitting there with you on your porch, Rhonda! And thanks for the reminder to LOOK for god in the storms. He’s there. God Bless!
    Visiting from #26


  3. I get this. I’m at my best in the metaphorical storm, like now, with two kinds of cancer doing their best to kill me.

    There’s a certain freedom here; I’m no longer beholden to ambition or expectation, or – heavens! – entitlement.

    This was always my preferred spot, amd as a survivor of a couple of literal last stands I was curious about the kind of person who thrived on being back-to-the-wall.

    I’m a loner, though not by choice – they say that a little of my company goes a long way. And I’m not a thinker; no one would thus accuse me!

    I guess I just like a challenge, and have a pretty loose hold on life, maybe. I always figured that death wasn’t the end, and as it nears, I am all the more sure.

    #1 at FMF this week.



  4. It’s amazing how “rain” can yield varying perspectives. One the one hand, it provides nourishment and on the other can can be an accomplice in destruction. Biblical conclusions can be found from both. I appreciate your insight as well as the reminder that God’s presence can be found in both the gentle rain and the storms.


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