Where do you go when………………….?

you’re a child of alcoholic or drug addicted parents

the person you trusted most sexually abuses you

your family is torn apart by deception

physical violence starts showing marks on the inside not just the outside

you aren’t protected by those who are supposed to protect you

words being spoken are better at tearing you down than building you up

the one you love proves that your love isn’t enough

your child suffers by the hands of another

a sickness or accident takes a loved one and drops you in a mist of tears

your plan leaves you stranded

disappointment and sorrow seems to be your most faithful company

homes are destroyed

wealth is lost

homelessness continues

hatred grows

sin has a stronghold

the bottle looks more promising than the bible

sounds in your head are louder than whispers of forgiveness

trust is a fairy tale when real life shows it’s true color

you search for a soft shoulder and all you find is a hard knock

pain bears down

the end is drawing near

tears flow

sorrows strong

you’re at a cross road with no signs

family leaves you

friends turn away

there seems to be no one to catch you as you fall

a smile is forced but a frown is simple

Where do you go when………………….?

Romans 10:13 

For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

4 thoughts on “Where

  1. Powerful Rhonda!!! A message our world needs so desperately! Love the creative way you shared it! Your #fmf FB neighbor, Cindy


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