Celebration of Life

Rachel Solomon is ONE OF A KIND! God just made her that way!

This past weekend I sadly, yet joyfully, celebrated her life. I knew when I decided to take the trip to NC, so that I could love on her family and celebrate with Rachel being with her Lord, that I would be seeing a lot of “family”, not biological family, but family that God has placed in my life and family that Rachel’s life has effected. We all with great sorrow had to face our loss but couldn’t help but rejoice in seeing old friends and others who share in our love for her. I decided before I got there that I was going to do as Rachel would do and whip out the ole’ camera (cell phone) and start snapping those pictures. It felt kind of weird to be putting on a smile and snapping pictures and I found myself feeling the need to explain my actions. But when I did explain, everyone would agree, “Rachel was celebrating right along with us and snapping away”, because no one liked a party and a room full of people more than Rachel.

This was my way of making it through the day with Celebration for the Life that Rachel lived. Hugging, smiling and showing love with those around me. I bet she was jumping up and down and her wings were a flapping as she watched.

The below is a video of one of Rachel’s Gray Hair Talking segments on Celebrating Everything. This was shown during her Celebration Service as a testimony of her spirit. I hope you will enjoy it. Take from it what Rachel was saying…………. When Life hurts, and it will….. Celebrate!

Love you Rachel! Much love to Rachel’s sweet husband and a man who has stepped in to defend me and loved me much, Tal ! Much love to Rachel’s daughter and long time friend, Holly Solomon. Much love to Rachel’s son & his wife, Lee & Edie Solomon, thank you for being my friend. And much love to Rachel’s grands & great grands, you were blessed to have had her in your life. Each of you Celebrate what the Lord has given you. XOXOXO

I snapped as many pictures as I could throughout the weekend. Definitely didn’t get everyone that Rachel influenced but caught a lot of the ones that have influenced me. Love you all too! Celebrate your life with GUSTO!

3 thoughts on “Celebration of Life

  1. Rhonda,
    I love the pics. You are a “Rachel” in the making. Just looking at the pictures, I see you have three generations of one family that you have meant a great deal to. Thank you for your LTC work. Tia and Tianna continue to coach. I think Rachel would be proud.


    1. Thank you Alvenia for your encouragement. Those are some big shoes to fill for sure. I’m so glad that I got to see you all. I just love Tianna and so proud to have been able to have just a smidgen of influence in her life. Love you!


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