Embracing Joy

Karen Kingsbury says there are 3 ways to Embrace Joy. We have to understand that…

Jesus loves us Rom 5:7

Jesus calls us John 15:16

Jesus saves us John 3:16

Guaranteed Happy Ending

When has there been a time when embracing Joy was difficult?

I can think of several but the most intense one was when I was realizing that I was now in the group of “divorced” women. Embracing joy through a lonely time and a time where rejection, shame and heart ache was so strong that I couldn’t even image being happy again was not possible. Well, at least at that time I didn’t think it was.
What will it take for you to be ready to “Embrace Joy”?

If you are ready to move towards that joy, contact me at the link below and start that journey with me as your coach.

For your free initial session click:

For Free initial Coaching Session

I will be honored.

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