HIS time for The Book

Update 3/23/22- It’s almost done! Last bit of editing in process then off to my most experienced authors for their acknowledgements and critiques. Getting more excited by the day! I have changed my cover and book title through this process. I’ve added a few extra interior features and can’t wait for you to see and experience the book.

A friend asked what my goal was with writing this and my response was, “If 1 person uses this tool to draw closer to God and find Salvation in Jesus then I’ve done my job”.

I pray Lord that You are using me.

Below is original post:

I’m excited to share with you that I’ve been working on a project in my head for many years and now it’s HIS time for it to be written on paper.

I’m sharing with you the potential cover for the book with the main text blurred out until the big reveal. I ask you to Like, Comment and Share this post and invite friends and family to follow this site. Click this link and follow http://rhondagouldonline.com and scroll to the bottom to click follow.

I pray that one day this will give God all the glory and bring others closer to Him.

I started writing this book because of my past.  Life is hard and messy. And what I have learned is that you can’t get past your past unless you face it head on. I hope that by me sharing bit and pieces of my past and how I have, and I am facing it, you will be able to share in my experiences and find your healing through the process that I have laid out.

Many experiences brought with it shame, guilt, confusion, and a lack of self-worth. That has been the baggage that I have carried for my whole life. Until the day I decided to face it!

That brings me to today, writing a book to help you on your journey of questioning the “why”, or “what” or “how” or even “when”. Our questions about our past or current situation will vary in as many ways as the leaves blow in the wind but there is only one sure way to get the answers to those questions and that is to go to God through His word.

This book is being written with every fiber of my heart open to you and praying for your healing. I pray with you today and every day. Know that I am thinking about you as I write these words. 

Types of questions that I have had to process are….

What would God have me do with my past?

How do I know it’s God speaking to me?

What is God’s purpose for me?

What does forgiveness look like when reconciliation isn’t possible?

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