He Will

This is a simple quote from one of the stories that I’ve written in my upcoming book/workbook. This workbook will not only help you work through some of your tough life questions but it will also give you some insight on how God has helped me work through mine. Several short stories from my life, how they shaped me and how He has used that shape, healed that shape and molded me into the shape that He intended it to be. 

“I’m sitting here at my desk, the keyboard at my fingertips and I don’t know where to start. My redemptive story is amazing. Don’t get me wrong. My life is not all roses and rainbows or lollipops and cakes, but it is a story that only the Lord could have written. “

As I continue to pray and work on the final steps of this publication process, I also continue to pray that God will use it for His glory and your healing. Understanding that His continued refining of  us will bring us closer to Him. 

You can find more detailed at rhondagouldonline.com under My Book. And you can reach me for a free initial coaching session at rhondagouldonline.com/contact-for-free-initial-session/

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