How many of your petals are open?

If you notice, this sun flower🌻 is only partially opened. I don’t think that I’ve ever saw that happen before. And it made me think.

With me now in my 60’s , I have been opening one petal at a time. Growing into the beautiful person 👩‍🦰that God has made. Each petal was another year, another experience and another growth opportunity. God is so patient. He is also so grace 🙏giving. Allowing me to experience and grow slowly so that I can learn. He desires to create in me the most beautiful flower🌹.

How are you growing? What is He doing in your life? How many petals are open fully?

I would love to explore your growth with you and help bring awareness to you on when your next petal is ready to open.

You can reach me for a free coaching session at

Looking forward to seeing you!

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