Good News of Healing

God is a God of healing, mercy and grace! ✝️

We walk this earth 🌎 with holes in our hearts where the arrows of unkind words or harmful actions have ripped pieces away. Sometimes even our own bad decisions have caused these holes.

Understanding that with every new arrow 🎯there is a new wound that needs healing. It’s time to seek out the scriptures to find God’s answers and HIS love so that those holes can be filled. Digging deep through the steps that I have laid out is how I have found that healing many times.

Take that first step 🚶‍♂️now by clicking on the link below and digging deep into your own healing process. Or if you know someone that has holes that needs God to fill, purchase the workbook for them.

Know that I will be praying 🙏for you as you journey. Please LIKE and SHARE this post and spread the good news of healing.

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