Words for 2023

Each year over the last five, I have chosen a word/words for the upcoming year. For me, the way that I determined what my word would be was by an inner voice or feeling that had been rumbling around in my soul over the last few months of that year. I believe that is God prompting me in a direction that He wants me to go.

Have you ever chosen a word for the year? How did you choose it? And when looking back over the year past, what role did that word play in your life?

I love to go back each year to words past and reflect on what God was doing during that year and how that particular word played out for me.

Here is a glimpse into those years.

2018 Brave – This was a big year for me. God had me on a journey that required much bravery. Confronting things of my past was the theme for that year. God was right there, without a doubt! Walking with me, giving me grace, showing me mercy and providing strength. Opening the door wide to let the light in my darkness and removing the weight I so long had carried. It was time for healing within my immediate family. And being brave was necessary for that healing.

2019 Change & Joy – After the year of bravery, God called me to Change and Joy. God showed me grace and mercy during a year of change.  Change that I really didn’t want or understand but was necessary. Change that also released stressors from my life that were way over due. And with this change there was much Joy. Sometimes it’s hard to have joy in painful change but if we have faith in what God is doing that Joy comes oh so much easier. The change and joy became interchangeable. Most of the time it’s hard to have joy without change. In God I trust.

2020 Empower – Yes, the word was Empower.  I really didn’t know what God meant when He gave me that word. I’ve never been a woman of power. I usually shied away from that type of thing unless I really felt equipped for the job. But what I didn’t know is that He was going to empower me in things that I couldn’t have had the power on my own to do. He was empowering me with a sense of humility but determination. I still shake my head over that year. The year of change jump started that empowerment. And oh how He shined. He empowered me to step out into the uncomfortable. He empowered me to release the need to have others affirm me. He empowered me to be more of what He molded me to be.

2021 Simplicity – With the new soul settling sense of Empowerment there came the need to simplify my world. God showed me that simplifying my world would bring peace to it. Learning to be content was part of that simplification. I’m still working on that because there are many layers to contentment. I think this year was about simplifying my life so that my internal would be peaceful. Giving me the courage to say “NO” to my internal urge to fix, please, prove, you name it was His intent for me this particular year. And Oh did He show me that simplifying the internal has proven to be peace filled. There probably will be another year of Simplicity for yet another layer of my life. For now, “peace be still” is my motto.

2022 Discover – Now I’m at the end of 2022 and Discover has definitely been the word of this year. Discovering so much about myself. Some of that discovery has been done in self reflection. Learning about me, the real me.  Not the one that I thought I was supposed to be but the one He wanted me to be. Not the one that was hiding behind masks but the one that He said “Go” and gave me the courage to do it. Not the one that was fearful of the “what if’s” but faithful and trusting in His “what if nots”. He helped me discover that He has redeemed me, made me resilient and strong. I can now not be afraid of new discoveries because I know he travels with me.

By the time you are reading this, God has embarked me on my journey of Quiet, Wait and Listen. Over the last several months, He has already been starting the process of preparing me for this journey. Showing me tools to use to embrace the journey. Oh, how excited I am to travel with Him through it.

My words for 2023

Oh Lord, what are you doing in my life? How are you helping me, Reflect,  Refine, and Reframe? Walk with me!

What word has the Lord laid on your heart for 2023?

Rhonda Gould, ACC Life Coach, Author; www.rhondagouldonline.com; book “The Journey: Finding Healing through Scripture from Life’s Hard Questions”

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