The Celebration

I was at a celebration. One of those celebrations that are fancy with twinkle lights, streamers, low playing music and the food keeps coming. The tables were large round tables so friends and family could sit together. We sat down, immediately telling stories and laughing with each other and we prepared for the meal fit for a king to be served. A beautiful low-lying fresh flower arrangement was set in the middle, filled with white lilies, blue geraniums and forget me nots with the spaces holding baby’s breath. There were candles reflecting off the mirrored base that laid flat. “Stunning” was my first thought as I walked into the room.

I was sitting at a table with the finest china one could buy. It had a beautiful gold gilding and a bold royal blue Wedgewood pattern. There was a dinner plate, bread plate and a saucer for the gold gilded coffee cup to rest on. Placed on the table above the china was delicate, but commanded your attention stemware, one for every beverage imaginable. Stemware of so many shapes. The smallest was there too, ready to be filled with the finest dessert wine, which I was preparing to enjoy. They were filled to the brim and ready to be refilled when needed. Next to the plate was a lovely gold linen napkin with a hint of lace at the corners. Laying in precise placement was the gold and silver inlayed stainless. Several sizes of each, the fork, spoon and knife. Each having their own portion of the meal they were responsible for. The stainless for the dessert caught my attention, as it lay just above the plate, waiting for me to indulge in the sweetness of whatever was being presented to my taste buds. 

The host and hostess of this grand celebration stood and welcomed me and their other guests. Feelings of gratitude for our friendships and love throughout the years were spoken. Some followed by physical emotions being shared without shame. They wished us a relaxing and beautiful night full of laughter, fun and dancing. “If we could move after the scrumptious meal that was prepared and ready to be served”, the host laughed. They prayed and it began.

Like a swarm of worker bees, waiters and waitresses started scurrying in and out of the tables, refilling our stemware and setting the first course of our meal in front of us. A soup bowl was placed in front of me. It was a creamy smooth butternut squash soup with sprigs of rosemary, thyme and parsley laid gently on the edge of the bowl. The savory aroma filled the air and warmed my throat as it’s smooth sweetness flowed past my tongue. The taste made my stomach leap for joy at the prospect of what was to come. I enjoyed every spoon full as I listened to the Ooh and Ahhs humming around me. The wait staff quickly started clearing the bowls from our tables in preparation for the next course. 

Once the “all clear” was spoken, the next course started being set down for the guests. I could see through the wait staff at what looked like a wonderful presentation of mushrooms stuffed with pecorino romano, garlic, and bread crumbs. Rumbles started in my body as I prepared for the delight. I began to notice that one, two or even three guests at some of the tables were not getting the second course. This seemed odd to me, but I passed it off, thinking maybe the guest decided they would pass on this particular course. Until they came to my table that is. The wait staff took a glance in my direction and passed me right up. No second course was set down for my enjoyment. For fear of embarrassing the host and not wanting to cause a stir, I settled back in my seat knowing that there would be another course to come. 

Soon the tables were cleared and the third course of a colorful salad with fresh greens, purple onions, bright red grape tomatoes and a tart vinaigrette was served. I watched carefully as the wait staff skipped over the same guests, which drew my attention, hard fearing that the same fate would come my way. Which it did! I am stunned and I’m certain that the confusion was written all over my face. I watch as those that also were passed over started whispering among themselves, as I’m sure that they too are confused by this act. Was there a reason for this by the host? Did the caterers run short of food and hope that no one would say anything? Or did they have new wait staff, who were not familiar with the proper etiquette for an event such as this?

Three more course came and went. All beautifully presented. A stuffed lamb breast with lemon, ricotta and oregano, baby red potatoes and toasted hard bread all perfectly cook and the plate drizzled with a stream of balsamic vinaigrette. Then came the trays of cheeses of varied textures and flavors, a selection of breads and crackers with a companion of jams, mustards, caramelized onions and nuts for each guest. This all was followed by a flaming crème brulee and a vintage dessert wine with bite sized macarons. You may be wondering, because I was, “Why did I get skipped over for these courses”? 

I’m sitting at my seat, in this beautifully decorated and majestic setting, my stomach now growling loudly and curiosity was spinning around in my mind, I notice others. Yes, the others who had also gone without the filling of such a fantastic meal. They too seemed to be experiencing the same emotions and physical awareness that I had. As I’m sitting there in wonder, I find myself startled. Startled by what? 

My eyes pop open wide as the alarm next to my bed rang loudly. After a few minutes of rubbing the sleep from the corners of my eyes and stretching a bit, I realize I had been dreaming that most magnificent and confusing dream.

I wake enough to stumble out of the bed and make it to my desk. Sitting, waiting and wondering, Why? What was that dream to mean?

I started my morning as I always try to do, by opening up my scripture for the day. This morning it led me to Hebrews 5:12-14, which reads, “ In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!  Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.  But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.”

My God is wanting me to know something, I whisper to myself. I’m sure in many ways there is growth needed in me. I expect that until the day that I am with Him, there will be growth needed. 

Lord, will you put more mature, those who eat solid food, in my path so that I will learn? Help me Lord to put away any pride that is hindering my understanding. Help me have the courage to break through the fear that may be stopping me from being brave in what I do know.

But Lord, I’ve feasted at your banquets of teaching for years. Even though I may not be fully mature until I am with you, surely I can have the confidence to trust in what you have already taught me. Help me Lord to share.

But as a teacher Lord or a mature follower, is my grace and love obvious to those who have less understanding than I?

Is my pride squelched and my love abounding for those I share you with? Even though I may be more mature in age, there may be others who are younger that are able to teach me. Help me be gentle in spirit and gracious to those I am walking with. Never boasting about my knowledge and be in a posture of openness to learn and share.

I pray that you have enjoyed the lesson that this dream taught me. Might it pertain to you as well?

Rhonda Gould, ACC, Certified Christian Life Coach @

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