2023 Blessings

#myblessing2023 Day 100: God has blessed me with this experience of being able to stop and chat with my little mama goose who is nesting in our parking lot. She just sits there and looks at me intently. Oh how I wonder what’s going through her mind. I’m also enjoying the beautiful signs of spring erupting from the ground right now. One of my very favorite times of the year. Thank you Lord for providing happiness for me today.

#myblessing2023 Day 99: God surely blessed us with a beautiful sunny warm day. Enjoy church with the family and then hanging out before dinner. Still yet to come is the homemade strawberry cake. My daughter-in-law made. Yummy for the tummy!

#myblessing2023 Day 98: very blessed and productive day. The kiddos helped me clean limbs out of yard, I worked on projects and got hummingbird food. Ready to put out tomorrow. Tom, got our new honey bees set up and hung country hams. I would say a good day. Thank you Lord for giving us this time.

#myblessing2023 Day 97: Truly was blessed by the Good Friday service last night at the Eastland First Church of God. Went with my kids and heard truth!

Here is a few things that caught my ear……….

God will get in the middle of your mess.

We are forgiven!

He came here & we ain’t been the same since.

One died in sin, one died out of sin and One died without sin.

Thankful that Jesus doesn’t follow protocal.

The opportunity comes to each of us, who stand by the cross.

In all His pain , all His rejection, He still had compassion.

Jesus had a lot of things that happened to Him, that should of happened to us.

Of all the things that you think you want but there is one thing that you don’t want. And that is being separated from God.

Satan’s lies can not hide the stench of Hell.

With out mercy we’re a mess.

Sometimes you just need to slow down and get a hold of God.

How far will you go for Jesus.

We have HOPE beyond the grave.

He is with you, whether or not you feel HIM.

#myblessing2023 Day 96: It was so nice to get out of the office to sit and chat over lunch with a lunch buddy, Mylah. Enjoyed some Jesus talk with you today my friend. Thank you God with the blessing of others to enjoy You with.

#myblessing2023 Day 95: I love having quiet time and being able to do a little study during my lunch break. And then when I get home the house smells of chicken pot pie in the oven. Heart is filled and so is my tummy. Thank you Lord for the blessings, regardless of how small.

#myblessing2023 Day 94: was able to speak to my little nesting mama this morning for work. She didn’t even hiss at me. She just looked straight at me. She knew she was making my day. Then a little study during lunch . A reminder that the perfect path that he has me on most likely not the perfect path for somebody else. A reminder for me to Love those walking their path even if I don’t understand it.

#myblessing2023 Day 93: Blessed by a sweet morning greeter (moma goose on nest) at work . And grateful for the grace that He freely gives. Help me Lord. Give that same grace.

#myblessing2023 Day 92: so blessed that God speaks to me through his word and through other people. God is planning a simple yet rich and satisfying life for me. And yes that is a letter from Beth Moore. I sent her my book and she actually read it!

#myblessing2023 Day 91: Today has been a day set aside for the Lord. Listening to His guidance! He has a path that He is leading me on and I am saying “YES” to that path. Encouraging, planning, guiding and drawing others closer to Him was my day. Blessed to be His child.

#myblessing2023 Day 90; God is blessing me with a day of rejuvenation, growing and beauty.

#myblessing2023 Day 89: blessed with a night out with my man

#myblessing2023 Day 88: Thank you Lord for bringing a group together to study Discerning the Voice of God. You’ve had me on this journey for a few years now and I’m loving getting the reinforcements needed to keep hearing you clearly.

#myblessing2023 Day 87: blessed by my man. The list could go on and on. Thank you Lord for bringing the two unlikely together.

#myblessing2023 Day 86: Blessed to be shown today in a very visual way that my favorite time of year is upon me. Thank you Lord for the beauty that you have created!

#myblessing2023 Day 85: God has definitely blessed me to be able to live out in the country. I wish these were my ducks and chicks but even though they’re not, I’m grateful to be able to have fresh eggs.

#myblessing2023 Day 84: blessed that I am able to share something that I so enjoy with my husband, kids, and grandkids. Thank you, Ralph Mcateer for making that possible! And thank you Lord for bringing him into my life.

#myblessing2023 Day 83: blessed by the beautiful day where we could be outside with the kiddos and enjoy the weather. Then dinner with the family. Thank you Lord for the sunshine!

#myblessing2023 Day 82: blessed and grateful for continued learning and bringing others with me.

#myblessing2023 Day 81: decided to leave John 14:8 for a while. Today I pulled nothing can separate us from the love of God. So blessed by both of these. But God does know because he loves me so that I need other women in my life too! Was blessed by dinner last night and tonight with a couple of different women who mean a lot to me. Thank you Lord for providing!

#myblessing2023 Day 80: so blessed to have a father that will put his word in front of me. John 14:8 is a beautiful reminder to me. This has been a hard lesson to learn. Lots of losses and pain but the peace with coming to grips and understanding that God is all I need brings the most peace.

#myblessing2023 Day 79: so blessed by his presence in my life. Peace beyond all understanding

#myblessing2023 Day 78: so blessed to have a father who knows what I need before I even ask and Will calm the raging That is welling up inside of me at times. He is my peace and I am his child and for that I am grateful.

#myblessing2023 Day 77: Blessed with a peaceful day. A beautiful service that church this morning and now an afternoon of working on a couple projects.

One project is an online Bible study that will be starting tomorrow night. Listening to the video today and I am reminded why I loved it so much when I did it the first time. Well over 10 years ago.

#myblessing2023 Day 76: Blessed with a day of sweet cuddles with my girls, m&m pancakes and time to work on retreat materials that I am planning in August. God please use me for Your Glory always.

#myblessing2023 Day 75: I’m grateful that the Lord blessed me with the desire to continue to grow. Accepting my failures, desire to do self-reflection and willingness to change.

#myblessing2023 Day 74: Blessed to have a Father who is ever present, ever grace giving, ever forgiving, ever loving and ever trustworthy. His word is a place to run.

“Here’s what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won’t be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace. Matthew 6:6 MSG

Matthew 6:6 NIV But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

#myblessing2023 Day 73: blessed that my Father will always find a way to get my attention. He wants to remind me today and help me remember to keep reminding myself that I am His! And because I am His, I am loved! Three different sources all pointing me to remembering who I am.

#myblessing2023 Day 72: Blessed that His word is always timely. Ps 139:9-10

#myblessing2023 Day 71: this is where I go first. Blessed to know Him in my life.

#myblessing2023 Day 70: If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Romans 10:9 NIV I am blessed by this promise. I am blessed that He has saved my life, my marriage, my sanity, my children and my home.


#myblessing2023 Day 69: I am so grateful to have been blessed with a neighbor when I was 16 who cared about my salvation. He drew me near to Him even though I was still feeling my way around my walk with Him.

#myblessing2023 Day 68: Today’s blessing is in honor of a dear friend that just gained her reward in Heaven. Something that I’ve always cherished has been deepened in me today. My blessing of friendship. We must rise each day with the desire to love our friendships greatly. We must be intentional to spend time with our friends, not thinking we can do it tomorrow. We must be quick to forgive and show grace and mercy. We must be honest and vulnerable, allowing them to do the same. We must never put off what needs to be said today. We must…………………. I’ve been greatly blessed with friendships, close and intentional friendship. It reminds me of Luke 16:10, Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. He may not have been talking about relationships in this verse but I’m grateful that He trusted me with the friendship of Susan.

#myblessing2023 Day 67: God surely blessed me with a food, cooking, loving husband. Grateful that I can come home most days. And my honey’s got something a cookin for me. Tonight at smoked salmon, red potatoes and salad! Looking forward to it.

#myblessing2023 DAY 66: fantastic night with this group! Was impressed with Chuy’s . Silverware holder had scripture on the back. And of course the food was fabulous! And then we were off to see the Thorn movie. They portrayed the life of Jesus wonderfully. And the scenes with the battle between good and evil was phenomenal! So glad I was able to go.

myblessing2023 Day 65: today I was blessed for the opportunity to have laughter. The angel studios app that carries the chosen also has dry bar comedy on it. At lunch today. Anyone that would have walked around the corner they would have found me laughing out loud. I know I would have looked crazy but ask me if I care! God bless me with an opportunity to have a smile on my face for the rest of the afternoon.

#myblessing2023 Day 64: loved having the kids this afternoon. When they want to climb a tree, they do it on a fallen one.

#myblessing2023 Day 63: went to the If : Gathering and God was there with a plan. I knew it when I saw her. A stranger, Sherry Sexton , that will end up being a friend. Excited to see what He is doing.

#myblessing2023 Day 62: Every time we get a wind storm I know that there’s a chance. A chance that one of the pine trees around our home will go down. Today it happened! Calling Tom, I asked what’s the yard look like ? And he told me! But we are so blessed because no one was hurt, power lines were not hit and our house is still secure. Thank you Lord. Please protect those who are in the lines of these storms. Keep everyone safe.

#myblessing2023 Day 61: this could not be more true. He has definitely blessed me with more strength and peace. Then I could imagine. He did that through his word , he did that through his people and sometimes he did it through outside sources. But he didn’t nonetheless!

#myblessing2023 Day 60: The Lord blesses the home of every good person. The Lord is my strength in my soul. Because of Him I am able to get up each morning with a glad song in my soul. A nice quiet, peaceful meal with my honey at Applebee’s. Makes for a good evening.

#myblessing2023 Day 59: I was truly blessed by the gift of dinner and a movie with friends. As I look around the table, I know that it’s only by the grace and love by God that I am in the presence of these people. The movie Jesus revolution was so good. I know that as he was preparing this movie for release that he was also working on the hearts of the people here.

#myblessing2023 Day 58: God has truly blessed me with my two oldest grands. It’s so fun having girls! Thank you Lord for giving me opportunity to be with them!

#myblessing2023 Day 57: God has truly blessed me this weekend. Time with my boys and grands. Along with some other very important people.

#myblessing2023 Day 56: Blessed to have Jackie McAteer join in on the visit. I love having the grands together.

#myblessing2023 Day 55: Thank you Lord for blessing me with friendship. Miles, years, his agreements, pain, joy but mostly love.

#myblessing2023 Day 54: beauty popping up everywhere! In my mind. It’s too early but God has blessing me with some beautiful daffodils to enjoy while the weather is nice. Hopefully I’ll have more bloom after March. Once are real winter gets here.

#myblessing2023 Day 53: my scriptures for today. Everyday as I intentionally look for the ways he is working, I find reason to praise him.

#myblessing2023 Day 52: He is full of grace and mercy for me today and I am so blessed.

#myblessing2023 Day 51: blessed by a great day at work. It was extremely busy but he gives me rest. I am grateful!

#myblessing2023 Day 50: Blessed to be able to share one of my all-time favorite movies, Titanic, with a friend. Gretchen thanks for going with me!

#myblessing2023 Day 49: so blessed by little snuggles after a week of them all being sick. So much love 💘

#myblessing2023 Day 48: My Father has blessed me with the opportunity and ability to share Jesus everyday.

#myblessing2023 Day 47: Thank you Lord for the blessing of new! With heartache, there is always the knowledge that new is around the corner. I’m blessed to have a space where you can show your mercy on me.

#myblessing2023 Day 46: God has bless me today with beautiful weather and my first day of many for this year sitting on my back porch. I have to be honest I’ve had some tears today. They have been done in silence but I trust in the two cards that I pulled for today out of my stack. I trust that he hears my prayers.

Added the last picture. Spectacular! Added picture of my bottle tree after the sun went down enough for the lights to come on.

#myblessing2023 Day 45: a very blessed Valentine’s 2023. Today I’ve been reminded that God loves me, my honey loves me and my friends love me. God is good at many things. But sending me reminders just when I need them, he is best at!

#myblessing2023 Day 44: the setting moon greeted me this morning as I pull into the office. It was a perfectly shaped half moon. I found it to be beautiful and unique at some level. And then the Lord blessed me with a thought! That moon is in reality, a full moon and only half of it is covered. So I’m looking at this moon understanding that God gave me a full moon today and even though today it may be covered halfway by an obstruction or a cloud, there is still a full moon on the other side. That is how God is talking to me. Even on the days where I feel like there’s obstructions or a heavy dark cloud cover in my way. I know that just on the other side God has something full in store for me. I’m grateful and blessed that he is still teaching me lessons in the simplest things of life.

#myblessing2023 Day 43:God blessed me with this woman in my life. Just what I needed today.

#myblessing2023 Day 42: The Lord has definitely blessed me with some beautiful women in my life. This is just a few of the Christian Women Authors group of Winchester. Had a planning meeting today for some community and outreach services. So looking forward to serving alongside these women. Thank you Lord!

#myblessing2023 Day 41: God blessed me today with 1st John 3:18. And prayerfully will bless somebody else with the gift of blood. Actions and in truth.

#myblessing2023 Day 40: 2nd Timothy 4:17, but the Lord stood with me and gave me strength. Literally without him I would crumble.

#myblessing2023 Day 39: I am blessed by all the many ways that my Lord can talk to me. As I was listening to the book, when heaven weeps, by Ted Dekker this morning. The voice reading it slowed his pace and recited the scripture. I know he was talking to me this morning.

#myblessing2023 Day 38: Lord, thank you for blessing me with the gift of rest. I ask you to help me be who you want me to be in the fields.

#myblessing2023 Day 37: He’s reminding me that I can do all things through him in his strength, as long as I listen to his voice and walk the way that he tells me to walk. I’m grateful that he hasn’t given up on me.

#myblessing2023 Day 35 & 36: Two days at the Abbey is a true blessing from my Father. I’ve been writing down scripture references for a few months. This weekend I looked them all up and highlighted my Bible with over 117 scriptures. I listed 20 that struck a cord with me right now, a few phrases and particular words that stood out. Over the next week I’ll take that and dig in a bit more. I’m also going through my workbook with a new hard question. He has revealed some new things to me. Some break throughs and some will take self reflection. So grateful for His leading. My favorite tree had a chair waiting on me but it was too chilly.

#myblessing2023 Day 34: today, what can I say about his blessings today. I guess it really started last night when as I usually do have a chat with my Father before going to sleep. There was a need that I had , all That’s needed to remember is that I needed a name from the night before. I had done all that I could do and still at bedtime. I did not have that name. I was discussing with him what I had done and how I really needed that name. I went on with my conversation with him and suddenly just like a light bulb coming on the name came to me. and then about mid morning at work I was presented with a blessing of appreciation. At lunch I reached to my scripture box to pull out a scripture and it was the one below. 1st Corinthians 15:58. Always give yourself fully to the Lord because you know that your work is not in vain. He has been teaching me something big over the last week. And the meaning of all of it finally came to me today. One day I will be able to put it in words on paper. It has been a beautiful day!

#myblessing2023 Day 33: Blessed by him. Speaking to me through scripture. He knows exactly what’s going on with me and knows exactly what I need to remember.

#myblessing2023 Day 32: there’s been a running theme in God’s blessings to me today. This morning was Philippians 4:6-7 and Psalms 40: 1-2. This afternoon was Jeremiah 33:30, calling me and I will tell you things you do not know. And then Galatians 6: 9, don’t become wary and doing good ; don’t give up. He knows what’s running through my head at all times. And shows me exactly what I need! And then he blessed me this evening with dinner with a dear. Sweet friend, Autumn Allison . So grateful for her!

#myblessing2023 Day 31: I just love it when He speaks to me clearly.

#myblessing2023 Day 30: Psalms 92: 2 all day long!

#myblessing2023 Day 29: He sees and hears me. As I’m laying in bed this morning, knowing what the weather is outside I contemplate staying in. That is what Satan would want me to do. He would want to separate me and fill my head with lies. So I drag myself out of bed and open to the you version scripture for the day. And this is what it says. Hebrews 10:24-25.

#myblessing2023 Day 28: Blessing of a beautiful day and yummy for my tummy with the hubby today.

#myblessing2023 Day 27: not only is He the God who sees me. He is also the God who hears me. Every night I pray to him to wrap his arms around me and my family and protect us from the evil that is out in the world aka Satan. I trust!

#myblessing2023 Day 26: He spoke to me today as a reminder of where I’ve been and where he has me. What a blessing it is to know that He is the one who sees me!

#myblessing2023 Day 25: I believe that God speaks to me through many different avenues. He has to come to me plain and simple for me to understand. I believe that he brought this to my attention today. As a recovering doormat, I’m grateful that he has taught me a few things over the last 10 years. My voice may shake still at times but that’s not going to stop me anymore.

#myblessing2023 Day 24: He gave me words today.

#myblessing2023 Day 23: so I went to bed last night and was straight up with God about how I was feeling. I wake up this morning with a Facebook message from our friend, got to work and there was a card on my desk, an hour or so later got a text from a friend and then I pulled out my Bible quote for the day and it was” you received the spirit of adoption by who we cry out, Abba father “. He spoke straight into my prayer last night to him. What a blessing it is to see him work!

#myblessing2023 Day 22: Blessing today from the One who knows me best. My life, my choices, my chances and my changes continue to prove the work He’s done.

#myblessing2023 Day 21: God sure blessed me with a giving, trustworthy, strong in a storm and shoulder to lean on. Night out for us tonight!

#myblessing2023 Day 20: Always blessed by the grands. Birthday outing with the birthday girl. Shopping and ice cream with Lollie and Pops.

#myblessing2023 Day 19: as I’m driving home, these clouds are a blessing running in front of me from my Father. It brings a warmth in my soul with the thought that I could curl up in those soft fluffy clouds and they would wrap around me like his arms. I would feel safe and secure. Thank you for the reminder that you are my protector and Savior.

#myblessing2023 Day 18: God is my provider! He blessed me with nourishment for both body and soul today. Philippians 1:6 was a much needed reminder today. Satan is a stealer of God’s truth only if I let him be.

#myblessing2023 Day 17: God knows me well! He knows that patience is not one of my greatest virtues and He is still working on me.

#myblessing2023 Day 16: on this cloudy rainy day, God still found a way to bless me with his nature. He knows how much peace it brings me to see his creation. As I’m driving home tonight, two deer are running across the overhead bridge in front of me. They look so sweet and thank goodness they were safe. Thank you!

#myblessing2023 Day 15: Today was a day for He and I to be still together so I could hear Him. Worked on the upcoming project and listened to Him spell out what He wanted to say through it. Church, Quiet time, Project and the Left Behind movie. Peaceful! Thank you Lord for blessing me with days like this.

#myblessing2023 Day 14: I was blessed by a nice relaxing day with my honey and a trip to see Buc-ee with two of the kiddos. God blesses us with surprises!

#myblessing2023 Day 13: God blessed me today with an opportunity to spend some time with my friend Pam. It was great getting caught up with her. So grateful that God has placed so many women in my life. Have different personalities, ages and belief systems. Makes for great conversation and warm hearts.

#myblessing2023 Day 12: For 1 year and 12;days, I have been collecting blessings. Moments in my day where I could see God at work in my life. Today has felt silent to me. As I was reflecting on my day I couldn’t pin point a moment. I paused my thought heading to a feeling of aloneness but there is where He met me today. He came to me to remind me that even in the days that I’m busy or I don’t see him clearly, he is still there. Never gone, I’m never alone, never forgotten. That is called Faith.

#myblessing2023 Day 11: today God blessed me with a reminder. The reminder came with a compliment. To someone who isn’t used to receiving compliments/ praise it can be difficult. But He graciously gave me one today. Thank you! Romans 15: 2

#myblessing2023 Day 10: arrived home after a nice day at work and noticed my angel. I’m sure I’m not the only one that packed up all their Christmas decorations and realized they left one out. The Lord blessed me today reminded me that the Holy Spirit is guiding me. This was my angel from when I was a young child. Proving that he’s been in my life even before I grasped it.

#myblessing2023 Day 9: God shows up so spectacularly. I was so blessed tonight during our small group discussion. He brought a fabulous group of women together and I so look forward to seeing Him work.

#myblessing2023 Day 8: I am blessed and honored that my Lord prompted my friend to send me this picture. It’s one of the coloring pages out of my workbook. She sent it with a sweet note as she’s working through her journey.

#myblessing2023 Day 7: I am so blessed by these women. We had a meeting today and my heart was so full when I left. My spirit encourage from the love and genuine desire to glorify God and see eachother do what He has laid out for us. God is working and we are simply moving. (pictures are not current) #christianwomenauthorsofwinchester

#myblessing2023 Day 6: God blessed me today with the opportunity to celebrate with my friend Tara Sky Haddix on her last day and the first day moving towards a great job opportunity. Grateful that God placed me where I could get to know her. It was great food, but even better conversation. Definitely will be praying for you Tara, as you move forward.

#myblessing2023 Day 5: so this memory pops up! God has a sense of humor as he blesses me with the ability to giggle at myself. This was 10 years ago! Oh could I tell some stories!

#myblessing2023 Day 4: Jesus spoke to me today. So many ways he showed me that He loves me so much He could squish me. As I think about it, I wonder what I did to deserve it. And I remember, I don’t deserve it. He just gives it to me.

#myblessing2023 Day 3: God blessed me with some words of appreciation today. That does a soul good! A reminder to me to spread the love to others.

#myblessing2023 Day 2: today He has been talking to me clearly about prayer. As I often do, I prayed last night something specific. And today He shows up for me! And then in my daily study prayer continued to be present. I’m starting to get a picture of what his plans are for me during this year of quiet, wait and listen. Oh how I want to pray as intensely as Jesus did.

#myblessing2023 Day 1: God blessed me with family to have a meal with. Truly a beautiful start to a new year.

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