Didn’t Win the Lottery

Joy Planck:  Joy………..what can I say about Joy?  She puts a smile on my face every time I see her.  She is simply a …..joy!  And what is fantastic about it is that if life is running smoothly, she is a joy and if life is finding it’s trials, she is a joy.  Doesn’t matterContinue reading “Didn’t Win the Lottery”

My Story is not Boring

Patty Raisor: Pure in Heart!  That is what I can say about Patty.  Which means she loves God and through that love she gives.  Gives in many ways to her neighbors in America and to her neighbors across the seas.  She feels BIG, big for joys and big for sorrows.  A person will never failsContinue reading “My Story is not Boring”

A Journey Home

Sherrie Rison:  Sherrie………what can I say about her except that her smile is contagious! The sweet spirit that she carries so gracefully is one that those around her are blessed by. She is willing to show weakness but admits that her determination can sometimes hold her back from being vulnerable.   I’ve only been blessedContinue reading “A Journey Home”

Past does not predict Future

Rachel Solomon:  Never under estimate the love that you can get from a “mom” that is not biological.  That is what she is to me!  Wisdom, a stern voice, a gentle hug and a nudge to look to God for the answers.  I’ve seen the happy times for Rachel, the scary times and the heartContinue reading “Past does not predict Future”


Patricia Coleman:  Compassionate & Determined, these are the words that I would use for Patricia.  My journey with Patricia is just starting.  I’ve seen her from a distance, followed her on FB and known that she was a force to be reckoned with.  She is driven with great passion for the hurting and yet stillContinue reading “Overcomer”

The Walk

Sandy Malsom:  I’ve known this lovely lady  for 29 years.  Wow, I can’t believe that……. 29 years.  She has seen my babies grow up to men and helped me grow in my walk with the Lord.  I’m the daughter from another mother, that she has loved, nurtured and guided through some pretty tough stuff.  WeContinue reading “The Walk”