Hold on To

Proverbs 10:2

Ill gotten treasures have no lasting value, but righteousness delivers from death.

So this Walmart T-shirt has been in my wardrobe for approx. 15 years.  Every time I put it on my husband says, “I think it’s time to retire that shirt” and I respond, “I’ll get rid of it when I’m ready”.   Why do we hold onto things that have obviously seen their better days or are worn out?  I tell you why I hang on to this Yellow Smiley Face T-shirt…… it brings back good memories.  Memories of when our kids were younger and we used to camp with a group of church friends for 10 days each summer.  We used to joke that if we still loved each other after camping for 10 days with 16-20 adults and at least that many kids, then we would be friends for life.  And we are!  Those were some special times, some fun experiences and also some learning/growing experiences.  And I for one say, “It’s okay to hang on to things that brings you good memories”.

But there have been times when I wanted to “hold on to” memories that weren’t so good.  And the longer I held on  to them, the more those memories affected me.  I had to learn that it was better to let go of those things that brought harm to me and not allow them to fill up my life or my memory bank.

So I encourage you, “Hold on to” the good and “Let go of” the bad.  If you don’t then you and everyone around you will be affected.

Lord I come to You today choosing to let You fill my memory bank with good and allowing You to remove the bad from my soul.  I am grateful that You have shown me and continue to show me how to do that.  Lord I pray for my family and friends.  You know Lord what they have stored up in their memory banks or what they are still allowing to fill this lives.  I pray Lord that they will turn to you so that You are able to wash them clean of the bad and free them to only “hold on to” the good.  Amen!

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