DAY 3: Intentional with Time

Hebrews 13:2

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Wow!  That’s all I can say about yesterday, Tuesday, 2nd day of being intentional.  It was  all about being intentional with my time.  And what I have learned is that it’s not always how I have it planned out.  Sometimes Satan throws a wrench in the plans!  But God always has it planned better!

Two things to chew on…….

  1. Looking someone in the eye, you might be the only one that did that day
  2. Acknowledge someone when they walk into a room with a kind word and with a face to face contact, they may really be lonely

Tuesdays are generally a day of giving of my time anyway because I’m a part of a Celebrate Recovery group here where I live.  I find myself meeting people where they are on a weekly basis.  Loving them through their brokenness and rejoicing with them through their victories.  I regularly look people in the eye that aren’t used to someone actually doing that.  It’s a blessing to me to be able to see how God is using my brokenness to further His kingdom and give people hope for a better tomorrow.  I have to be honest………………. there are days when I’d like to go home after work and kick off my shoes but I choose to spend my Tuesdays with intent as service to others so that Christ can be shown to them.

I also started a new chapter in my life of a life long dream of working with the local pregnancy center so woman and families can find a way to manage through life when they find themselves in a crisis pregnancy, newly parenting as grandparents or any other trauma they may be in. Babies are precious and these families need to know Christ.

A friend needed me today and I am honored that God put me in her path.  There is nothing better than knowing that we have someone we can call if we need them and yesterday, I was able to fill that space for her.  I praise Him for placing me in this town, with my job and with my history so that I’m able to give of my time.

So, like I said, WOW, my day was full of intention! Solely living for Him!  So how have you been doing these last 2 days?  Please comment on this post and let us know how He is working in your life.

Lord, I thank You!  I thank You for allowing me to have pain, so that I understand the need for compassion and grace.  I ask You to continue to guide me in my daily walk and remember that my time is not mine but Yours to be used.  Please be with me and my family and friends.  Help us to live with intention.  Amen!




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