Psalm 126:5

Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.

Yesterday I spoke of the weekend with my friends, when some tears were shed while speaking about current events, past events and the excitement of the events to come. Tears, they are just a natural response to an emotion.  A lot of the time it’s tears of joy, like when your child gets an award that they’ve worked hard to achieve or a friend marries the person of their dreams.  Then there are tears of pain and hurt.  No one likes the tears that are caused by the pain and hurt.

Although I have learned to plant through the tears and my harvest will be shouts of joy.

You are probably saying “Are you crazy! Who does that?”.  Well, I’ve been, I would say, through more than my fair share of pain and hurt, so I’ve had a lot of opportunity to learn to plant through the tears and harvest shouts of joy.  It is possible!    I REALLY learn something each time I go through something painful.  I always learn something about me. I always learn something about others and I always move a little closer to God while He is bringing me through another painful time.  Yes! Yes! Yes! Planting through the tears and my harvest will be shouts of joy!  We can Rejoice! We Can!  You may not understand it today but if you start practicing it today, it becomes a little easier tomorrow.

Lord, be with me while I’m planting in tears and allow me to harvest shouts of joy.   I know Lord that regardless the hurt or pain, there is something that I can and should learn through it.  Something that I can use to help bring glory to You and bring others to Your kingdom.  Please Lord help me stay steady in my walk and firm in my steps. Be with my family and friends.  Don’t let them puddle in their tears too long Lord. Let them know that You are there.  Amen!

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