Bridging the Gap

Well part of our trip included 4 trips over the Ohio River.  Which means 4 bridges at various locations.  I am a water lover!   Water of any kind.  So my husband makes sure that if we can ride next to water, we do!   Those bridges bring 2 land masses together relatively easy by simply crossing over the bridge.   But without those bridges the process of getting from one side to the other is very difficult, particularly if we don’t have the right tools.  The same goes with generations of people.  Without the right tools, time and enough effort, the gap will never be bridged.

Psalms 71:18

says, “Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.” Likewise,DSCN7821

Psalms 145:4

declares, “One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.”

On our trip we were blessed with a dinner and also breakfast the next morning shared with friends from our past in North Carolina, who now live in Indiana.  We haven’t seen them in at least 4 years and it was so good to get several nice hugs and sweet smiles from 2 people that I know love us dearly.  And yes, they are from another generation.  A generation that reached out to us.  Who bridged that gap and took the time to share the tools they had so that we too would have the tools needed to live this life depending on God.   I’m so grateful to God for putting them in our path and placing them close enough to us so that we’re able to stay in touch. And they continue to share their tools with us.  Because it seems that regardless of how old you get, the tools needed seem to change.

So as they have given me the tools and shown me how to share what I have learned, I see how I need to carry that on to the next generation.  Top on that list would be my children and grand children but also would include friends and others.  I make it my mission to love people well.  That takes time.  Some times, pain staking time.  Showing them who God is and sharing with them the tools they need to live a life with Him.  So I encourage you, “Bridge the Generation Gap”! Share God with those of the next generation.  Give them the tools they will need to live this life in Him.  Understanding what it is to have faith in the hard times and the good.  Sharing their faith with others.  Bridging the gap, so the generations to come will never be without the tools needed to survive.

Lord, Thank you for giving me people who love me well.  Thank You for loving me well. Help me Lord continue to bridge the generation gap and share with others the tools needed to find You. Amen!

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