A Little of Both

Proverbs 20:5

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters,  but one who has insight draws them out.

Being honest!  If you sat down with me for just a little while, you would find out that “open” about “me” is who I am.  But I haven’t always been that way.  And if you sat down with me for a just a little while, you would also find out that I would be intent on drawing out of you those things that you have deep down in the waters of your heart.

We all have those things!  Those things that we have hidden!  Those things that we’re not quiet sure of.  But boy, let me tell you, the heart beats much smoother by being open.  I have people in my life, ladies who have insight and are able to draw those things out of me and help me.  But still at times, I’m a little of both.  Still a struggle. But God knows that about me.  He understands!  But because God loves me so much, the love pours out onto others, so come, sit and let’s open our hearts to each others.

Lord, I’m grateful! Thank You for putting people in my life that have taken the time to be with me.  Help me to know when to talk and know when to just listen.  Show me who I need to be with next. Amen!


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