I have already Attained

Philippians 3 (Full Chapter)

v16 : Only let us live up to what we have already attained.

All my life I  have never felt like I measured up.  I’m not exactly sure why that is.  Until a few years back when I realized that I will not ever measure up and that’s okay.  At least not on my own!

I stopped looking to others for my worth. I stopped measuring myself by the yard stick I measured others by.  Truthfully, if everyone was honest, my measurement of them was most likely greater than their measurement of themselves.

I will never arrive but I continue to move forward to Christ.  He measures me great and worthy.  He measures me with overflowing love and grace.  He measures me with hope in eternity.

I will mess up again and again but He will forgive again and again.

He gives me all I need and makes me all I am.

Lord, I thank you for loving me.  I thank you for helping me see truth.  I thank you for forgiving me when I stumble.  I ask you to help me be brave.  I want to speak your truth to those who waver.  I pray that you will protect those I love and walk with them closely.  Amen!




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