Help Others out of the Pit

Sherri Clem: She’s a beauty. Holds herself up strong and if you look deep, you see that she understands the strength only comes from God. She is very aware of the grace that Jesus gave her and is willing to share that understanding with any one who will listen. Although she holds herself strong, she also is weak in need of love. Weary from past and holding on to future. Sherri is finding that love in the people that God has placed in her life. Some recent and some have been there all along but she is just now grabbing hold. She will love you, extend grace to you and feel deep compassion for you from the first minute of your interaction with her. Take some time to learn a little more about her.

My name is Sherri Clem I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who is celebrating my sobriety in chemical dependency since April 20th, 2006. I knew right away that I wanted to help others out of the same pit that the Lord pulled me out of when I gave my life to Jesus Christ and He set me free and broke me from the bondage of shame and guilt, that kept me in addiction for so many years. Celebrate Recovery was a wonderful faith based program that gave me the tools to be able to live a Christ like life and walk through my hurts, habits and hangs ups. As I got better I learned the power of forgiveness of myself, God and others. I realized my addiction had taken me down a road I never wanted to go and kept me a lot longer than I wanted to stay. I was addicted to stadol nasal spray for 7 years and almost took my life because I wasn’t in my right mind one night. From that night I never took it again but I picked up 7 more demons, a drug called fentanyl and the next 5 1/2 years along with about 40 pills a day my stomach began to shut down and I no longer could eat anything without it coming straight back up. I had what they called gastroparesis. My stomach became paralyzed. Not even that stopped me from doing drugs. My bottom came when I drove around Tennessee for 6 hours trying to get to my sons baseball tournament and could not remember where I was, who I was, I mean nothing my mind was blank. It was only Gods Grace that kept me from hitting someone or me wrecking. I found out when I got admitted to the hospital I had a T. I. A. It was a pre stroke plus I was having right lower temporal seizures. That was my bottom. My husband asked me at the hospital “Did I want To Die?”. Or Was I trying to kill myself? And I said no to both. I was scared. I was not ready to die, I was ready to live and I didn’t want to loose my son. My son was what inspired me to get clean. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ healed me when I turned my life over to Him and took my last drug in April 20, 2006. From that time the Lord has restored me, my marriage and my children.

I went to College and got my degree in Cosmetology and soon there after bought a Salon, and named it Amazing Grace Hair Salon because it was only God’s Grace that all this was possible. My husband and I have a ministry truck called the Gospel Train where we go out and feed others who were just like us. We share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and let them know He loves them and there is another way. I am a Recovery Pastor, a Peer Support Specialists and a Leader at Celebrate Recovery. I love the gift of life the Lord has given to me and I don’t ever want to take it for granted. I also love that I can share with others there is way out of there struggles also. His name is Jesus. #WITHGODALLTHINGSAREPOSSIBLE #WEDORECOVER #A. R. T. #DREAMSDOCOMETRUE

Thank you Lord for the grace that you showered on Sherry. Thank you for protecting her family and restoring her marriage. Please allow her to have many more opportunities to bring others to you. Amen!

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